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    homebargins had adults black satin capes in @£3.99 i cant make them for that price so i think great bargin, lots more things but that just took my eye, hope this is of help to you all. they were pretty long one to.!

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  • There uis a FANTASTUC costume shop in Northwich, Cheshire - on the hight street - sorry i can'tremember what it's called

    They have all kinds of costume, masks, make up etc etc from cheap n cheerful card cut outs to elaborate room decoration.
  • Tesco have fangs for 6P and 5pk Witches Fingera for 14p

    Majority of key Halloween lines for children are under 20p at Tesco - They also have a BOGOF on the pumpkin shaped buckets
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  • marc_lrfc wrote:
    whatever happened to black bin bags over the head or even a packer jacket zipped up

    LoL I went to a Food Themed party when I was wee my mum wrapped me up in aluminium foil one year and sent me as "a left-over"!!! :P Now thats economising
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    marc_lrfc wrote:
    whatever happened to black bin bags over the head or even a packer jacket zipped up

    :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

    V Funny!! Brought back a lot of memories of simpler times:T
  • some good bargains on EBAY!
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    DS has a load of bandages for his eczema - the perfect mummy - free from the NHS :eek:
    All I did was put a white t-shirt on him and draw some blood on with a red pen, the perfect mummy!
    OH dressed as the grim reaper with a grey duvet cover opened in one corner for his head, and a scythe (?) from poundland. I wore gothy clothes which I already had so I spent nothing:)
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    I have done reading too!
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  • I've just kitted the family out for a Halloween party at Somerfield's. Full child's spider queen outfit - dress, sash and hat for £3.99 and adult spider queen outfit £5.99 also adult dracula outfit - cloak, neck sash and waist coat £5.99.

    I'm useless at making things and am also so busy each day, this was a nice cheap and quick solution to providing us all with full-on costumes.
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    My favourite costume when I was a kid was,

    One of Mums old dresses, put on and done up above my head, (So it looked like a headless person) then My biggest doll was positioned so her head was sticking through the seam under the arm, fake blood was applied to the neck of the doll, and around the neck of the dress, I held dolls head ander the arm, Voila, Guillotine victim!

    Mooo ha haaaa haa spooooooky
    :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:
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    I found some good stuff at pound land
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