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April 2010 Grocery Challenge

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  • WelshWooferWelshWoofer Forumite
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    Just back from Mr S and spent £44 in cash - it was more but I used £9 worth of vouchers, Nectar points etc.
    Managed to get everything we need for the week and a bit more, will just need milk later in the week.

    I'm still within budget with 2 of the 5 shops of the month done and hoping to keep it that way!
  • ellemmellemm Forumite
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    Cheapest weekly shop for me since starting this challenge only £12.44 :T as finally getting into using up what's in the freezer and cupboards rather than buying more stuff. :o

    Did a tidy up of the dry stuff/spices/baking ingredients cupboard and can't believe how much is in there, so meal planning will be around using some of it up.

    Have a good Easter weekend everyone.

  • freakyogrefreakyogre Forumite
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    Total spend yesterday was £12.09.

    £4.10 in Morrisons - got some of the cod which was on offer (£2.61) and have just got 5/6 portions out of that and in the freezer. I think i'll change my meal plan slightly next week to make space for that as I very rarely eat fish. Also got some Walkers Sensations which were BOG2F - not needed, but that's a bargain and I can't resist crisps!

    The rest was spent in Tesco on potatoes (reduced), red onions, courgettes, tomato puree, creme fraiche, garlic, cous cous and cherry tomatoes (also fact, the tomato shelves were almost bare, so I had very little choice). Also got a bag of frozen stir fry veg and some sliced peppers to try.

    Should only need salad, milk, fruit and garlic bread (might make some) for the rest of the month as i'm slowly working my way through my freezer!
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  • hex2hex2 Forumite
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    It is now over a week since I have actually been in a shop :cool:. I usually go at least once every two days :o. Not sure yet how well this is going to work but I have spent £240 of my £450 budget.

    So far I have had an order from the internet butcher at £108 which gives us meat for this month and some roasts for next month. T home delivery for the planned household, pets, tins for the month, plus bread and milk for the next fortnight. Veg Box at £18. I have a further £53 committed to veg boxes that hits in April but three will be free in May.

    I am not that impressed with the veg box tbh. It is nice and fresh with a good selection but the quantities are tiny. It is allegedly enough for 4 people for a week. I estimate about three days worth for us based on normal consumption so this is going to be an issue - four medium sized potatoes to share for the week, three carrots (my littles usually eat at least one each whilst I am peeling!) for example. At £17 a week this is simply not good enough value. Even with the offer making it £10 a week it still isn't great. Thought this might be useful info for anyone else considering A&C. We had the deluxe organic veg box. On the postive side it is making me try new things - we have two globe artichokes (between four of us!) and pak choi, neither of which I have had before.
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  • wssla00wssla00 Forumite
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    I gave up my box as i had the other problem it was far too big- not a&c though a local shop. Plus if i saw another swede I would have probably hurled it at the first person i saw LOL!

    I have started using an online butcher and I find it so much better than going to Mr T's as I order for the month then put it away in the freezer until I need it. I get much fuller too on the stuff from them- probably because there isn't as much rubbish in it i suppose.

    Pak Choi is a really lovely green i use it to make chilli chicken ramen and it is delicious! Really good way to use up leftovers too!
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    hex2hex2 Forumite
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    wssla00 wrote: »
    Pak Choi is a really lovely green i use it to make chilli chicken ramen and it is delicious! Really good way to use up leftovers too!

    Recipe please! Sounds lovely and I do have a freezer full of half price co-op chickens from last month.

    There are a couple of veg box schemes locally - but they are big name organics. I don't actually care very much if they are organic, I just want decent fresh veg without hassle, ideally without major food miles involved. Hopefully by the time the 7 weeks are up the garden will be productive enough for me to stop.

    The stuff I have had from Aldi/Lidl has been very poor of late and it isnt a bargain if it is rotten/tasteless.
    'If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need' Marcus Tullius Cicero
  • Have done my weekly shopping now! Minor milk excitement, as I usually only use milk in tea and so barely get through a pint a week, but this week I am cooking with some so I got to buy a big carton of delicious Jersey milk!
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    wssla00wssla00 Forumite
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    ok :)

    Easy peasy!

    Boil up about a pint of chicken or veggie stock with a teaspoon of dried chillies
    pop in your cooked chicken (or cubed up uncooked chicken- but you will need to boil until its cooked through)
    add a couple of crushed vermicelli nests or some crushed dried spaghetti and simmer until the pasta is almost cooked
    add the chopped leaves of pak choi and simmer until a lovely green and wilted
    Serve in big bowls finished with snips of spring onions


    LOL can you tell i'm a lazy cook?

    I know what you mean about veg. I am yet to find the veg I want but hopefully the garden will give me something this summer! Good luck with the growing
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  • cookie9cookie9 Forumite
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    Small spend just £3.70 at Tesco. Swapped meals around tonight and made fishcakes using the breadcrumbs from the last of my homemade sundried tomato bread. Feeling very OS as had some old tea cakes which I was thinking of throwing out but sliced them and spread them with butter and cinnamon then poured over custard base. Hey presto bread and butter pudding for desert.
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  • pammyj74pammyj74 Forumite
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    First shop of the month and have bought a load of meat to do in the SC so should make a few meals. with the kids at home and picking away at fruit and bits all through the day I can see the next two weeks having to restock more than usual!!!

    so today spent £40.29 which is a lot for me in one go but for once I was out in the car rather than walking so thought it better to stock up a few tins etc.
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