OPAL took internet without consent (SLAMMING)

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We to have had a horrendous experience with OPAL. We have two contracts with them where we pay monthly rental for an WLR, and last week to our horror they converted one to LLU without our consent, we lost our BT Broadband on that account. We were told by BT that Opal had taken over the internet service. When we called OPAL it turned out that we had also been stuck in a new two year contract! After over 16 hours of calls / administration, by myself and staff at my company it emerged that the two year contract was in fact for another customer, and OPAL had accidentally put the other customers new contract details under one of our accounts.

Our contract with OPAL on that line is now void, and we are moving back to BT - but it will cost £125 to do so. OFFCOM have advised that to LLU the line without the customers permission is totally unacceptable, they advised it is called SLAMMING. OPAL are fully aware that once your line has been LLU'd you will no longer be able to access BT Broadband. We also learnt that they tried to to do this to our other line, but we have instructed BT that under no circumstances do we give our permission for this to proceed, and have also instructed OPAL.

I am now seriously considering cancelling the contract with them on our other line - it will cost £125.00 to get out of the contract, but if they LLU the line, it will cost us the same to get it back to BT. Don't expect any compensation, I was informed today that under OPAL's Ts & Cs they do not offer this, only a gesture of good will.


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