March 2010 Grocery Challenge

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    With at least another £20 spent on nappies, milk, eggs and a bottle of wine I am declaring a miserable total of £450, £80 over budget, but I did underestimate as it's a 5 week month for me. I budget £100 a week so not too bad but am determined to do better, however may be moving in April so that will desrupt matters...

    I actually budget £400 a month, regardless of the length of the month, when I am working out general budgeting, so if I can get next month under £350 it would even things up a bit.
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    Morning all

    I'm also pretty dismayed at my efforts this month and am declaring at£482.68 which is £62.68 over budget:eek: This is without mentioning that I also spent @£53 of T*sco vouchers so it's nearer £115 over!
    So March was just carp :( but tomorrow is a new month :) and I WILL do better - off to the new thread now!
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    I'd like to declare £201.84 for March please. I adjusted March's budget to £250 due to lots of social occasions and birthdays but have managed to keep it to just over £200.
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    Today is the last day of the month for me and have just spent £7.07 in Tesco and will not be getting anything else today. So I am declaring March as £128.52 which is a £71.48 underspend.:T

    Onto April and hoping I can do as well then.
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    Aimed for £200, spent £166, saved £34:j. Total grocery savings since January £134.
    January spend = £100
    Spent =
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    Declaring £127.43 for March, over budget again:( Although I really think I went over more than £2.43, as I didn't add up my receipts for a while, so think some must be missing. I think I must be more organised in future.

    Thanks to everyone, onward and upward
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    I have gone way off the rails this month. Reporting in at £347.53 which is a very scary £67.53 over budget. We were actually on holiday for a week of March too but had to stock up DD with tons of food to keep her going while we were away and then restock when we got back as I think she'd been feeding all her mates!! Please put me down for £280 again for April and I will try much harder.

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    Moniker checking in and declaring at £268-63 for March - a whole £1-37 under! Very pleased with myself as it is a 5 week month and I had the same budget as the previous 4 week challenge. Not really sure how I managed it - except no alcohol in Lent - though we only have 1 bottle of wine a week on average and I didn't think it would make that much difference! We shall see next month! See you all over in the April challenge.

  • mrs-moneypennymrs-moneypenny Forumite
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    i went over by £30 in march. must try harder next month
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    S_Wales_Saver declaring for March at £233.08 so £16.92 under budget :j:j:j. This did include eating lots from the freezer so I don't know how I'm going to keep it up!!! Does anyone else think it's much harder now than this time last year? Still I think April will be OK (famous last words LOL) Still freezer stuff to eat, but need to start replacing it at some stage :o. See you all on the April thread.
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