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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Debt-Free Wannabe
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  • Wow wrote: »
    When I see people in supermarkets with calculators I always feel sorry for them.:o

    LOL i get those looks and just smile :)
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  • The good thing about using your calculator on your phone is you just look like you're texting!

    Caro :-)
    I'm NOT grumpy, I've just been in a bad mood for 20 years!:D
  • Wow wrote: »
    When I see people in supermarkets with calculators I always feel sorry for them.:o

    ... because they are too stupid to add up?
  • I use the scanners in Tesco now! I draw the cash and leave my card at home! I can't spend anything more than what I have on me!

    I also go armed with a list and stick to it each time!

    I've saved so much money by using the scanners!
  • BritwifeBritwife Forumite
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    ... because they are too stupid to add up?

    I don't use a calculator but I think that's a bit rude. It's obvious that calcs help these people stick to a budget therefore saving them money and being able to pay back debts. Also, some may just be distracted with their children to try and keep track and use the calc to help them.

    One day you may need a calc for whatever reason, would it be ok to call you stupid?
  • I don't use a calulator but I do walk around adding things up in my head as i go along so I know approximatley when I have reached my limit.

    The only problem is when you bump into someone you know and start chatting and then forget where your up to!! :D:D
  • I tend to keep a mental tally, round things to the nearest £ or 50p when you stick them in the basket. If something is £1.59 then that's £1.50 and if it's £1.80, that's £2. It generally balances out by the time you get to the tills and at worst you will be a pound over... but usually you ge a pleasant suprise. The only thing that really throws it is unpackaged fruit and veg. I think it probably only works because I don't tend to spend more than about £12 on my weeks shopping... for more than that, you could write the price next to the item on your shopping list as a way of ticking it off. Add it all up while walking to the till and you will just look like you are making sure you have everything.
  • defairmansdefairmans Forumite
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    People shouldn't be ashamed of using a calculator or list--they should be proud! A very British attitude to discretely go over your sums on the way to the till. I think even if I had two calculators I would still mess up. I get too frazzled in the supermarket to keep track.

    I almost always use a list, though, by planning a weekly menu and going through the cupboards. And to add a extra miserly twist, I always write the list on a piece of scrap paper or envelope from the daily post.

    My two best tricks are to go over the receipt carefully to make sure that the prices are right. So often we have had to go back in store to get a refund on something we were overcharged on. This also helps memorise guide prices for items across supermarkets, obviously. Secondly, any overspend this week will be made up by cutting back next week so that the budget always balances out at the end of the month.
  • HermiaHermia Forumite
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    I now do the majority of my shopping online as I find I spend less than when I am overwhelmed by shelves and shelves of stuff. I try to do most of my shopping from the special offers section of the website. I do meal plan, but I will be prepared to change things around if there is a great offer on something. I have my bookcase of recipe books next to my desk. If I had a couple of chicken meals on my meal plan, but then saw there is a great offer on fish I'd be frantically flicking through my recipe books whilst shopping so that I can take advantage of the offer!
  • nanna58nanna58 Forumite
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    I thought i was the only one walking round lips moving no im not mad just tallying in my head nearest pound is also what i do.Try not to take OH with me (unless hes paying)lol. Also in tesco when the bread has only a day left they reduce it so i buy it freeze(the bread not me).
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