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March 2010 Grocery Challenge

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  • ragz_2ragz_2 Forumite
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    In the oven bara brith Yum, I remember this from my days in Wales, recipe please??!! and butterfly cakes and rat :eek: all made

    Typo or code??
    Though I may need a recipe for rat soon as I told DH he could only use his Air Rifle to shoot things we will eat but he keeps mentioning people needing pest control for rats so I think I'll regret that...
    Ragz is busy studying ;)
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  • MonikerMoniker Forumite
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    XSpender wrote: »
    Hi Moniker

    This is the recipe I use for cornflake cakes:

    110g bar chocolate
    2 heaped tblsps golden syrup
    2oz margerine
    4oz cornflakes
    1oz coconut (optional)

    Melt the butter, syrup and choc and then add cornflakes and coconut if using.


    XS x

    Thanks - this is similar to one I found on the internet which worked well. We were blessed with sunny and relatively warm weather so my cake stall went well - we have raised £73 so far and I have a few fairy cakes and hob-nob biscuits to take into work on Monday so hopefully we'll get a bit more.

    We had Italian chicken tonight ( roasted with rosemary, and served with sauteed potatoes -done in olive oil and more rosemary- and courgettes and sweet corn). We had good appetites as we managed to do our 20 lengths at the local pool. We are not fitness addicts but are trying to be good and stay fit. Sadly my athritis is playing up and I found it hard to finish - I have been shifting a lot of books at work as we are being OFSTEDed next week and I wanted everything to be tidy! Actually the library isn't being inspected but they might decide to have a look!

    Am looking forward to being taken out for lunch tomorrow by my DH for Mothering Sunday and relaxing a bit! (Though MIL is coming too so will have to be on my best behaviour!)

    Off to finish catching up with the posts. Have a good evening all.

  • Another little spend today of £8 odd on coleslaw for the pizzas tonight, some Aldi diet coke, cucumber & tomatoes, apples, buns & rice puddings. Might do some more baking tomorrow. Made a lovely gluten free banana loaf the other day which tasted completely normal!

    Slowandsteady - hope you had a good time at the greyhound racing. My OH & I went the other weekend to Nottingham & had a great night. Even after entrance, bets, drinks & a curry afterwards, we still cleared about £25 profit so hope you were as lucky.

    Thanks for the good luck wishes lol, we didn't do badly! We have been going as a family for years, something my dad used to do with his dad as a youngster, I believe the Belle Vue stadium in Manchester where we go, has been there a long time, my dad is 65yrs old now so must have been there a bit. My dad normally takes about £8 each off me and my sister and £8 off himself and has a flutter with that, and he is so 'good' at it, iykwim that we always win a few pounds back, don't know how he makes it stretch though! Its either free to get in or i download a voucher to take costing £1 for two people admission so not a bad do! its fun too, i hardly ever spend quality time with my dad and sister, so i love going there altogether just us three x
  • ragz wrote: »
    Typo or code??
    Though I may need a recipe for rat soon as I told DH he could only use his Air Rifle to shoot things we will eat but he keeps mentioning people needing pest control for rats so I think I'll regret that...

    haha sorry rat is code for ratatouie....although I have spelt it wrong hence shortened name:rotfl:

    it was my first time making bara Brith and Hubby said it was perfect I made 18 thin slices at 112 cals a slice and cost under 10p a slice:A

    Bara brith teabread

    8oz dried fruit and chopped mixed peel
    8fl oz cup of hot strong tea(made with teabag)
    8oz SR flour
    1tsp mixed spice
    1oz butter(I use soya marg as veggie)
    100g soft brown sugar
    1 egg beaten

    put fruit in bowl and pour over the hot tea.Cover and leave to stand at room temperature for a few hours or over night.

    pre heat oven at gas mark 4.grease and line with baking paper a loaf tin.

    Sift flour and mixing spice into large mixing bowl. add butter and rub in with fingers until like breadcrumbs.

    Stir in sugar, then fruit and the liquid along with the beaten egg and mix with your hands until it is a nice texture.

    Pour into your tin and cook for around an hour put test after an hour with skewer mine took 75 mins but think my cooker is acting up.

    leave to cool and then slice and enjoy yum yum yum:j
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  • £12.00 spent today on rubbish really - magazines/sweets bread milk and a cake, not happy with myself at all! £38.85 to last till end of month. Cupboards and freezer full I just struggle not to go to the shops.
    Make £2 a day challenge - doing well so far.
  • Managed to spend £54 in Mr S today - was a bit of a shock as I thought it would be more like £40 - hmmm...

    With one more Big Shop to go I'm definitely not going to be on budget this month:o:o:o
  • I have spent more money today and most of it was on rubbish - Sweets/ Crisps etc...

    Though I went to Aldi for the first time today and bought their super 6. Really good value :T

  • LINKYPIE2009LINKYPIE2009 Forumite
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    £300 for me please - although already £176.93 spent.....
  • Yesterday was a NSD which feels very odd - like other have said, I find it hard not to go to the shops, whether virtual or brick.

    Today may be another. My mum and dad are coming for afternoon tea and, if my banana loaf turns out OK, I shouldn't have to buy anything for them. If the loaf's a disaster (am experimenting with using sweetener instead of sugar) then I shall have to get something for them to eat!

    Just remembered - I did do an online Tesco shop yesterday but that will come out of April budget which starts on the 15th (ie tomorrow) and I'll update my sig when I have my till receipt. The delivery is Tuesday.

    Best Mother's Day wishes to everyone.
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  • patentgirlpatentgirl Forumite
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    Morning all
    Went to Asda yesterday managed to spend just over £20 brought 4 easter eggs with that though so that is probably going to put me over budget for month now!
    Got pleny of food in apart from fruit and veg so will probably go to Aldis after work tomorrow thanks for reminder Moneyqueen
    Have agood Mothers day everyone x
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