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March 2010 Grocery Challenge

edited 28 February 2010 at 10:01PM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • Could I climb back on the wagon please? I need to sort out my accounts for February and figure out what my total was, but for March I'm going for £150 again.
    Grocery Challenge 2010:
    Jan: £163.69/£150 :mad: Feb: £84.27/£150 :D Mar: £150.84/£150 :cool: Apr: ??/£150
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    Moniker wrote: »

    BTW, I want to use up some cornflakes and make chocolate crunchie cakes but I haven't got a recipe and it's so long since I last made them I have forgotton how. Does any one have a recipe please - it's just for quantities really. I have a feeling I need to add golden syrup as well as the melted chocolate or they wont stick properly. Is that right?

    Hi Moniker

    This is the recipe I use for cornflake cakes:

    110g bar chocolate
    2 heaped tblsps golden syrup
    2oz margerine
    4oz cornflakes
    1oz coconut (optional)

    Melt the butter, syrup and choc and then add cornflakes and coconut if using.


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    Did my weekly shop on Wednesday and spent £12.72. There hasn't been any whoopsied veg over the past few weeks and what was there this week was already mouldy so not worth buying.

    I managed to re-stock the freezer with several portions of soup last week, but still need to get some meals put in there for days when I am too tired to cook.

    I have several pears and apples in my fruit bowl which are softening so need to cook those and freeze over the weekend as I really don't want to get back into the bad habit of leaving things to go off and then throwing them away.
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  • I was hoping to have another NSD yesterday but the T Rolls in Co-*p are on offer 9 for around £2.09 which is pretty good. Couldn't resist adding to my stockpile. Was hoping to find some cheese on offer somewhere but not much luck so far. I'm afraid I will have to have a small spend today as well, but things are not looking too bad. Homemade Quiche for tea tonight I think and I have a loaf on the go in the breadmaker, whch I've added some linseed to, I think it adds a nice nutty flavour.

    Keep up the good work everyone!:)
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  • russetredrussetred Forumite
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    On to update my siggy.I've spent loads this week mostly stocking up on easter eggs and bacon.I wanted to use my FF vouchers as well as all the odd ones I keep in my purse.Big tub of Dairylea is down to a £1 in Tesco and there's a 30p coupon in the Tesco mag for it too.HTH
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    jintybjintyb Forumite
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    hart44 wrote: »
    Hi everyone :D
    I have been making a lot more meals from scratch and I love making my own bread, I have to do it by hand as I dont have a BM, I see Lidl have a BM for £24.99 on the 18th, does anyone know if it is any good?

    Hope to keep poping back in today after work and catch up :D

    Kind wishes
    H x

    I got a Lidl BM a while ago and I didnt like the way the bread turned out - it was a bit brick like! Maybe it was just me tho. I ended up Freecycling it so not very MS. Id like to try a BM again but I'd like someone to recommend one ( tried and tested!)

    Have just done my last BIG shop and Im teetering on the edge of success/failure! ;) Have only £2 .78 for bread & bits next week.:rotfl: My month ends next Fri - 19th. My defence is that I got my dog/cat food on Pets at Home website and my usual dog food had £7 off a 15kg bag plus free delivery over £25. So I got the cat food too. Total spend should have been £35.10, actual £28.10 plus I got 5% cashback thro Quidco. If I go over GC budget by a little I wont be too :( as I wont need to buy pet stuff next month so it will average out ok.
    Sorry for the big waffle! Have a lovely day all!:D

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  • hart44hart44 Forumite
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    jintyb wrote: »
    I got a Lidl BM a while ago and I didnt like the way the bread turned out - it was a bit brick like! Maybe it was just me tho. I ended up Freecycling it so not very MS. Id like to try a BM again but I'd like someone to recommend one ( tried and tested!)

    Thank you jinty, I think I will wait until some recommends one too then :)

    I kind of like doing it by hand as I can take my aggression out on the dough :rotfl:
    Getting myself sorted 1 day/1thing at a time :) and Love sewing :)
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  • aliaddsaliadds Forumite
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    Jinty and Hart...this Panasonic breadmaker is supposed to be the best one there is!
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    SunnydaySunnyday Forumite
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    Just been out on a trip to poundland for some garden tubs :j got lots and a few other bits too but thats a different budget altogether.

    Nipped into MrS for one of the chickens that are on offer but the shelf was stripped bare :( i also wanted broccolli and that was a bit manky so i put the basket back and didn`t buy anything :D

    Got dog treats and sanitary stuff from wilko as the sans were on offer so stocked up and then went to PAH and bought dog food etc.

    For anyone who feeds felix to their cat the 48 packs of both normal pouches and as good as pouches are on offer for 2x48 for £20

    I`ll update my total later when i`ve dug the receipts out.

    Breadmaker - I have had a panasonic SD254 for the last 2 and a half years and wouldn`t be without it. I had a cheaper one before which was awful and i freecycled that one. The SD254 is expensive but is on offer at Amazon at the mo. I love it to bits and its paid for itself many times over, i also paid about the same price as its on offer for now and the only thing i`ve had to do is buy a new paddle. I use it for loaves (french and 50% wholemeal are awesome) and pizza dough as well as fruit loaf for toast for breakfast and the sun dried tomato and parmesan recipe in the booklet is stunning. Hope this helps peeps out who were asking. There is a thread somewhere on breadmakers - in fact more than one somewhere.


    EDIT Alidads you beat me to it, the 254 is identical to the 255 but without the raisin dispenser. I just wait for it to beep and throw the raisins in.
    Planning on starting the GC again soon :p
  • hex2 wrote: »
    Freakyogre: The nice slow growth Elmwood chickens are half price in the Co-op at the moment if that helps. Offer usually runs Wednesday to Tuesday. £1.47 per kg.

    I bought 4 for the freezer today to go with the six reduced chickens I bought from Makro yesterday - at c£2 each for two days meals plus soup you just cant go wrong.

    Thanks for the info about the C-op chickens, i have just been and bought four, one to cook for my dad and three for the freezer. They had some fab whoopsies but i just havent the room unfortunately, very disappointed!

    They also have their loo rolls, 9 pack £2.09 instead of £4.50 i think, i usually get the Mr T value so these will be a treat lol.

    So £13.27 spent in C-op, and £2 spent on market on 2 bags of pink lady apples and 5 nectarines-bargain, i love the market, i wanted some fish off the fish stall too as it only sets up once a week but just have no room at present, so will have to wait unfortunately.

    Sailing a bit close to the wind with my budget this month, but i am trying to get a bit of variety in the diet after the last couple of difficult months, and buying plenty of fresh fruit especially for dd, i would live on fresh air so long as she got what she needed!

    I am in work for the next few days from tommorow so shouldnt be out shopping, as wont have the energy after a 13 hour shift! We are all stocked up so plenty in for dh and dd for lunches and evening meals so im happy.

    I am having a night out with my dad and sister tonight at the Greyhound racing, should be fun!

    Have a good day all x
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