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    "That could easily be the cause of it." Whilst i agree with you there in theory, my handset was used alot in the rain and showed no signs of water damage whatsoever, admittedly different phones different build quality etc. but i'd like to think that every handset manufacturer would build a phone that could at least withstand a bit of rain!

    As for being 'careless', i can say without doubt that is not true in my case, as if you re-read my posts, the faulty screen, which was originally the reason why they re-assessed my quote, magically disappeared upon a second inspection which hardly points towards any carelessness on my part?

    And i take it from you're post, you're never 'careless' enough to use your phone whilst outdoors in the rain? ;)
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    I try not to use it in the rain, I'll stop under some shelter if I can! One time I had my phone in my bag and popped a cold bottle of water in there too and my phone stopped working, it froze up :( I took it apart a little later and the battery had all this condensation on it. I wiped it all off and put it back together and it worked fine thankfully but I've always been careful since then with condensation or rain or water of any kind.

    I think newer model phones are more fragile, people don't realise sometimes. They may be super smart and high-tech and you think they're indestructable but they're not. Sometimes I envy my friend who still has his Nokia 3310. He can drop it as many times as he wants without a care :rotfl:lol

    EXTREMLLY P*****D OFF:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:
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    They contacted me pretty promptly to confirm the online valuation. Since then though, I have had to chase them 6 times for the cheque. It is 5 weeks since they confirmed receipt of my phone. They said they were stopping the cheque and would re-send it, but predictably, nothing in 11 days since this statement. I will now put in a formal complaint, is there anyone else I can complain to?
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    Vegas07 wrote: »
    I wish I'd read this thread before I used them!!

    I posted my old Nokia to them two weeks ago, they quoted me £33. There was nothing wrong with it apart from minor cosmetic damage to the case, the screen was fine and I had used the phone until the day before I posted it off.

    Today I received a later with a cheque for £7 attached stating it was a revised offer due to "water damage"! The phone has never been near water!

    I feel completely ripped off, am going to give them a call when I have more time but I'm worried they'll try and fob me off because it's my word against theirs. And it's not worth me paying £10 to get the phone back when it was only worth £33 in the first place...

    Any advice??
    I wish I'd read Bats post before I sent my iphone off to these scammers too ! Surprized that there is still a link on the MSE site for them though ??!! Long story short- Perfect condition and fully working iphone sent on the understanding of receiving £117 BACS payment. No contact from them at all for over a week despite my chasers then it became an offer of £27 !!! Usual utter rubbish/scam tactics of Lcd damage and synching probs! They then ignore any further comms and do not answer the phone.Am persevering as this is certainly ''obtaining goods by deception'' which IS a crime amd one I have pointed out to them ! Avoid at all costs.Used Envirofone before with no probs at all and will always use again.
  • I can't believe how many cases of this company blatantly trying to rip customers off have come up in the short time since i used them! (and these are just the ones we know about)

    Millzee, be persistent with them, email them everyday if necessary and they will eventually respond. Admittedly, if like my experience the reply you will get will dodge every question you ask and be another way of them trying to wriggle out of paying you the full amount (quoting from their T's and C's and also the FAQ section, which, if you read are completely conflicting) At one point they were even willing to send the phone back to me at THEIR expense to avoid paying me :rotfl: which obviously i declined, so perhaps you could ask them to do the same with your phone rather than having a 3 week email exchange like i did?

    Or, demand that they re-evaluate the handset and send you a full technicians report along with photographic evidence of any offending damage (i use the term technician loosely as i have a sneaking suspicion that the technician also answers the phones and writes the emails, cleans the loo's, makes the tea....... ;)) As you probably already read, my screen miracuslously started working again upon second inspection so who knows, maybe your "synching" issues will be visitied by the same phone fixing fairies ;)

    Whatever happens, keep us updated, the more bad press they get on here can only serve to deter people from dealing with these cowboys.
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    Bats,many thanks and may I say you were very lucky with your result. My screen miraculously fixed itself too and they 'ahem'..upped their offer to £67..still £50 short of their original agreed price as they were ''still having prob's synching the iphone to itunes''(the only way it was ever used to add/delete anything even up to minutes prior to sending to them). I obviously rejected this too with a firm request for the agreed sum or to immediately send my fully working and cosmetically perfect iphone back,stating that I had recorded its IMEI No and serial No and took photographic proof of its condition before sending. I did also feel the need to point out that I felt they may be in danger of ''obtaining goods by deception'' by proceeding in their current manner and after giving them untill the end of today to respond or risk legal action...they have literally just sent a short e-mail to me stating that my 'faulty'(lying scumbags)iphone will now be returned to me at no cost to me !! We shall see. To anyone thinking of using this company...SIMPLY DON'T !
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    :mad: Hi wish i`d read the posts before sending my sons Samsung Jet off to them expecting £96.00 just recieved and email to get:

    Quoted Value

    Inspected Value

    Faults (if any)

    Samsung S8000 Jet



    Touchscreen has heavy scratching

    A familiar pattern seems to be emerging maybe I should be grateful
    as they are offering £18 less and in the other posts it was a much greater difference.

    There is no heavy scratching on this phone. I have previously used Tesco mobile recycling and had no problems with the phones. Can Consumer Direct get involved with a company like this? that is obviously using these scams on a regular basis offer a price probably with no intention of paying it.

    I will be contacting them tommorrow.:mad:

    pps I sent the phone in a special mobile phone padded box securly and posted via Royal Mail special delivery
  • THese guys are shiesty to say the least.

    I never bother with forums and threads but i have registered on 3 just so ppl can be warned of these con men. If you have had a bad experience pls report them as they will continue to rip people off.

    See email below sent to MPE & watchdog & the OFT

    I sent my Apple Iphone to “mobile phone exchange” on the basis they offered me £199 for the phone.

    I understand mobile phone exchange offer a service beneficial to the environment as they recycle phones by selling them abroad & saving them from landfill. An admirable service if they actually deliver.

    The offer I received was not the offer promised (£79 was offered, £199 was promised) so I asked for my phone to be returned. Miraculously the system had made a mistake and I was given a revised offer of £119.00

    This was still not to my satisfaction and I requested my phone to be returned to me. After paying £10 for postage and insurance costs I have today received my phone back. However, I am most disappointed to see I only have received my handset and no charger, USB cable, sim tool or box.

    I paid £6 to post the phone to yourselves with all the above (so it weighed a lot more) including insurance.

    My gripe is not that I paid more for the return postage (I understand mobile phone exchange is a {very} commercial enterprise) but that my possessions (box, charger, sim tool & usb cable) where not returned. I will also highlight that no where in your terms and conditions does it state that hardware will be retained by mobile phone exchange, it states data/software and memory cards will be lost.

    After spending 45 minutes on hold to mobile phone exchange this morning I had no answer to my telephone call; resulting in this email.

    Regretfully I checked some review sites online only after I posted my phone off to mobile phone exchange and was a bit disappointed too see the way mobile phone exchange has treated other customers, it seems promises of lucrative offers for customer’s phones never materialize and the offer the customer actually receives is always significantly lower than that promised.

    I am most disappointed to not receive my other possessions back.

    I expect to have at least the charger and USB cable returned to me in a timely fashion otherwise I will be forced to take the issue further with the office of fair trading and also trading standards. I suspect also this will be an issue the BBC will have heard of before and will be happy to feature on their shows due to the difference in the service promised and the service delivered. Owing to the fact many of mobile phone exchange’s customers will be fairly young & naïve or quite keen for the cash it is absolutely disgusting how they are taking advantage of so many people.

    I look forward to receiving my items back or the monetary value for the cost of replacing them & a response via email or phone (07891 967 126) to let me know how long this will take.

    Yours sincerely.
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    Just an up-date on my last post. Amazingly, these conmen 'did' return my iphone to me but as expected, the screen had NO issues at all (helped that I told them I had photographic proof of condition) but now is unusable as they have somehow messed up the synching and it will now do nothing apart from turn on !!! To say I am angry would be an understatement. Again...I would say DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. THEY ARE NOT HONEST OR REPUTABLE !! As someone else posted.....I am sure we shall see them on BBC Watchdog.
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