March 2010 Grocery Challenge

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    LOL Jackie, I always forget the tree on Flylady oops. Everyone's seems to be doing well so far. Congratulations Pennygrabber best of luck for a happy healthy pregnancy! Sunnyday what recipe do you use for Grren Thai Curry and is it spicy? I'm going to work out my percentage spending too as I like that idea :)

    I spent 64.40 on my delivery from Mr T & then went to Mr M for my fruit & veg which would have come to £19.56 but with vouchers came to £4.06. I'm only counting the price after vouchers because I don't count my Healthy Start Vouhers in my income on my budget. I might change that next month so I class vouchers as income and then adjust my grocery budget a little so I up it a little but not enought to include the vouchers completely (if that makes sense) that way I might shave a couple more pounds of my spending. So spending yesterday was £68.10

    (That makes 45% spent with only 1/4 of March gone)
    Back on the money saving wagon again!
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    Hi all hope everyone is doing well:D a very late update,everything is going pete tong here but trying to keep on top of grocery challenge. 452.50 spent by the end of feb so a little over:o must keep on track so many bills so little money:) heres hoping for a good month for everyone:D
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    Congratulations PennyGrabber wow, how exciting!! :T

    Today will probably not be an NSD...DS2 has run out of Tesco's glucose drink (no-one said more was needed yesterday :mad:) he needs it when he goes hypo (he's diabetic), which has been more often recently since he upped his exercise (he must reduce his insulin, hopefully he will remember today!). So I am afraid that it is a MUST HAVE and can't wait until no NSD today methinks! Ofcourse...he could alwaye buy some himself.......not that he will ofcourse!

    Have a great day everyone.

    Ooh, think the percentage idea is a good one, off to do it now

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    Keiss, huge congraulations to your son, you must be so proud! :)

    Congratulations PennyGrabber, another GC baby for us :dance:

    miss saveapenny, thanks for the 'Easy Risotto with bacon and peas' recipe it's now in the front page index;)

    emilyka - welcome to the GC :wave: MrsMc will be along to add you to the front page list soon, good luck with your first challenge! :j

    I'm expecting a sainsbugs del today, just a small one, and then hope not to spend on anything except fruit and veg for the next few weeks crossfingers.gif

    have a good day everyone!
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    Nothing to do with this thread at all, but just found out this morning that I'm pregnant! Very happy with that, although bf goes away tomorrow for a while (he's in the RAF). Think my intake of fresh fruit and veg will go up now - i normally struggle to remember the 5 portions, but now i need to! Will have to accept that i'll go over this month, and up my budget next month. When i was pregnant with my son, i had a major craving for freshly squeezed orange juice with bits in (but not the cheap ones!!), so who knows what i'll crave this time - and how much it'll cost!

    Have a good evening all,

    congratulations :) I havent caught up yet but will edit the post accordingly

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    well today will not be a NSD as i hoped as we have run out of weetabix - however in my new thrifty style I am going to try MrAs own brand (I bought own brand mayo and mustard last week - that is a big change for me) I think I will get Ds2s Aptamil milk while i am there which removes any need for me to go to the shops later in the week and therefore hopefully any further temptation;)
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    was going to be a nsd yesterday but i needed cash to pay a bill, and the cashpoint wasn't giving out cash!. went for a wander round mr t, ended up buying tonnes of fresh veg and some curry ingredients and further £15 spent! only £12.50 left in my notional budget til sunday night to eek out the money so i don't go over this month. I have very little lunchbox stuff in so am going to see what i can bake and find rather than going back to mr t for bread, fresh fruit and sandwich meat!

    40% of my budget spent and only 25% of my month gone.... need to do the meal planning,, storecupboard challenge, only buy what i need for today, and stop entertaining myself by spending money/visiting the shops...
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    Congratulations PennyGrabber!:j

    I took DH to work this morning and nipped in to [email protected] on the way home to get some of the £1 nappies but the shelf was bare:( The lady who served me admitted she had bought the last 2 packets when she arrived that morning and they had not had any more delivered so far. I don't shop there normally so won't be making another trip to get any. I did get some other baby bits but these are out of a different budget.

    Treated myself to some of my favourite sweeties for later and a choc croissant for breakfast so £1.14 to add to the total.
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  • Morning All!

    Congratulations pennygrabber!

    I need to have a few NSDs really as I have spent too much of my annual GCB, I am beginning to think I have set it too low this year, but I'm not going to change it yet as it may even out during the summer. I have some tiny Leeks peeping through the soil:j but no tomatoes or cucumbers yet -it's just too cold.

    HM Chilli Con Carnie for dinner tonight and some sort of healthy pud as I feel the need to get a bit fitter:rotfl:Li*l have 4 tins of branston beans on offer for 89p at the moment HTH someone, it certainly helped me.

    Have a good day everyone and keep up the good work!
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    Hi all
    Congratulations pennygrabber
    Had a NSD yesterday but needed few bits so popped into sainsbugs on way to work and spent a staggering £15 on just bread cheese milk and few more essentials will have to definatly have few more NSDs this week! amazing how it added up I actually had a £10 note in my hand!!
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