March 2010 Grocery Challenge

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    The grand total of 24p spent in Asda today on some sultanas, which have now turned into a lovely slimming world weetabix cake that will soon disappear as my OH likes cake for breakfast! I also got some Alpen Light bars but had a £2 off voucher to cover them.
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    ellemm wrote: »
    Don't know how much you need for the dogs but for us, 2 adults, I now budget about £30 a week. Before starting the GC, we were spending about £50 a week and month by month have reduced this thanks to all the useful tips on this thread.

    As others will tell you, it really depends on what you include in your budget. Ours includes food, toiletries and cleaning stuff but not alcohol.


    Thank you Ellemm:T...that's just what I needed to know!
    I do now buy quite a few value items. We have very little meat in our diet, and I try and cook everything from scratch rather than buy convenience foods! I have to add that I'm not against ready's just that I have the time and equipment to prepare from scratch so I do.
    With regards to the dogs...I buy a 2kg bag of SP complete for 92p a week, and they're fine with that! My budget does include toiletries, cleaning stuff, and possibly alcohol!
    Also included in my budget is £3.50 for delivery! I think if I went to the supermarket I would spend more than £3.50 on impulse it worth it for me!:)
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    had a lush weekend in the sun, it so helps doesn't it :p

    went over my planned 40£ spend for the week, as had 3 unplanned meals cos we fancied them. Only over by £8 though and still have over half the roast chicken, and a pot of lush hm curry in the fridge to use later.

    made dd a storecupboard tea - used lasange strips broken into large tageletelle and made a chicken/white sauce and she ate it all up, i've been threatening lasagne for ages which is not her favourite so this was great to use up the left bits as no point making lasagne just for me really.

    have a great week everyone

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    Just to update you all: the trifle tasted ok - it just looked a bit odd as the 'jelly' was a bit rubbery and white/clear. Next time I will use less arrowroot and use some orange juice with the peach juice to give it a bit of colour! But everyone ate it and nobody complained.

    Plenty of beef left for meals for DH and me in the week. Might even make a roast beef sarnie for my packed lunch!

    Have a good week everyone.

    Love Moniker
  • Hi everyone,
    Don't know if anyone else has Farmfoods near them, but they are doing Hovis best of both 2 loaves for £1, & their milk is still on offer 2 x 2L for £1.50. I was also in Tesco earlier and picked up some Fairy liquid, 2 for £1.20. Have to say though, first time I've actually been supermarket shopping this year (other than online) and shopping came to £20 more :eek:
    Will be sticking to online from now on. Have done a meal planner for this week, hoping to stick to it as much as possible, and cut out takeaways! This will do my waistline good, as well as my budget :p Hope everyone had a nice weekend.
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    Can't believe I have spent £50 already on GC and its only a week gone :(
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    NSD today, but not yesterday, had BF with me, and I can't remember what we bought, and who bought what, IYSWIM, so I can't remember how much I have to add onto my total. Will update when i find receipts.
    Needless to say, I won't make it this month, so I'm going to try and beat last month's budget now. Thing is, this is the shorter month for me, which is why i lowered my budget! Still, considering i am a compulsive supermarket shopper, i don't think i've done too badly, especially comparing to last year. [Incidentally, i'm sure some of the tins and stuff i bought last year are still in my pantry!!]
    Hope that's not just me...
    Have a good evening all, i'm off to bed now, really looking forward to work tomorrow (NOT), but, i have already done mine and DD's lunchboxes, so that'll save me some time in the morning.
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    Doing well so far, only spent £20.75 of my budget and don't have much to buy this week, just cheese and butter. Got a few meals out to come too which helps with this budget, if not with my spending in general!
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    Good morning everyone,:)

    Hope everyone had a good weekend, I have really been looking at our finances in depth, and after reading a very inspiring diary( It goes over 3 years )on a debtfree wanabee I got DH to read it and It talks about snowballing debts, he is now fired up and we have decided to put all our savings for holiday at the end of thne month to do this. So all we have to do is find money for hols in 3 weeks time! :eek: So needless to say I have been very good this weekend I shopped at Mr M and Mr T and spent a total of £36.63 which brings my total spend for March so far £104.30 I have written a menu for another 20 days for breakfast lunches and teas and wrote a list and spent the above £36.63 . My month ends on 22nd March but I am going to see if I can go to the 28th, which is when we go away. Yesterday I baked and cooked all day and out of 1 chicken I got 1 large and 1 small chicken pie, a chicken broth in slow cooker, sandwiches for DH and DS3 lunches and a lovely roast dinner for DH, DS3 and myself. It is surprising what you can do when you get down to it.:) Anyway going now to iron school uniform and work clothes :mad: Have a super day everyone and wish me luck!!! xx savvyshe

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    hi everyone, just did my online shop and it was suposed to come to £90.14. - £6.56 in savings, then removed the delivery (customer services have given me free delivery after a complaint) taking out the tobacco and cigarettes in that order (its a different budget and will confuse me) my spend on groceries,cleaning amterials etc are £43.41

    The only thing i didnt buy that will need to is veg, the box is delivered thursday so i will add it then.

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