March 2010 Grocery Challenge

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    Well we hope its scaremongering but bear in mind that some edible items are not exempt from VAT. I remember the days we went to Makro bulk buying and some items such as fresh orange juice(I think it was the fresh one) were subject to VAT-not very encouraging if they tax "real food" especially.If they do-and I hope they don't let the tax be on things like crisps and fizzy pop which would hopefully steer people towards buying better healthier alternatives.
    Anyhow-I made a chicken curry for lunch today as I had a few bits to use up. Added some quorn mince to my chopped chicken breast and 3 red onions Id bought cheap a couple of weeks ago. Used 3 tines of value curry sauce at 5p per tin and it was very nice! I had a pack of savoury rice I wanted to use and I added some brown rice to this(another packet out of my way)so this made one pack of savoury rice stretch to 5 servings.
    Ive got to find my pudding rice now as Ive got too much milk left over from last weeks tesco shop-it was only a £1 for a six pinter and I got carried away and bought 3 of them >needless to say I now need to use up about 10 pints of milk! Ive bought a fresh one for this week but only ONE this time!
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    Ordered a Tesco delivery for tomorrow, have amended it about 6 times, but did take things off as well as add them! I know I'm going to be over this month but I blame the veg box - one meals's worth of veg and some fruit - oh, and the weird Artichokes which I can't exactly serve with my roast dinner!

    Still, I know I underestimated this month as it's really 5 weeks for me so should have been a lot higher.

    Have used my new slicer to slice up the pork joint for DH's sandwhiches, should save money on sliced meat as well as being nicer , we were paying £3 for 250g of ham and I've managed a meal and a huge pile of meat out of the A&C free range pork (£6 for 1.5kg). Have ordered some of the Tesco Gammon joints to do the next few weeks (£3 a kilo)
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    Just wondered if anyone could point me in the direction of some sort of guide as to how much a week I should allow for 2 adults and 2 dogs. Is £35 realistic or should it be more? I know there are lots of other factors involved but I just thought someone may have some advice!:)
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    Went for a wander with my brother last night and had a look in Coop, got a loaf of bread reduced to 49p and some cheese on offer for £1.85. Need to get the bread in my freezer now, that should be fun!

    Just had another walk down there as realised I had run out of kidney beans and have bolognaise sauce (soon to be part chilli) in my slow cooker. I refuse to pay 62p for a tin of them, so will have to hunt my cupboards for an alternative! I did pick up a pint of milk, so 45p spent today.
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    Please put me down for £100 this month. That's for me and OH. Already had a pretty big spend at chinese supermarket and still butchers to do. Hopefully will beat £100 but we will see :)
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    Been to Sainsbugs and Waitrose with DD2. Got a couple of the £3 chickens in S and some whoopsied bagels and rolls. W had bread reduced so got a couple of loaves for 15p each and some duchy originals milk at 19p for 750ml, so have 4 of those. If W wasn't so far aay I could get loads more, they have such good whoopsies when they try.

    Will update sig when I work out the total as DD's stuff is on my till receipt.
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    Hi all hope you are enjoying your weekend and the sunny (well here anyway for a change) weather. So this morning did my meal planner for next week and spent £53.2 in Al*i £27.10 in c**P (lots of half price offers on I stocked up on a few things for next weeks dinners), £2 in iceln and £3.39 ffoods total £85.71 our budget works out a £90 per week so no more spending for me this week although I shouldnt need anything other than perhaps baby milk and we are still under budget for last week as my friend treated us to our takeaway last night as I have given her a free spa voucher:A
    Can I ask does anyone really find Al*di that much cheaper than say Mr A - I went for the first time today and didnt really think it was - some of the fruit and veg but not much other than that - maybe the one near us just isnt very good? (its not very big) just be interested to know what everyone else thinks.............. so our meals for the week are
    Mon - bratwurst and corn on the cob
    Tue - breaded pollock and chips and beans
    Wed - Im out Dh will have pizza from freezer
    Thurs - chicken fajitas (got peppers and fajita spice mix to use up)
    Friday - Paella
    Sat - spag bol & grarlic bread
    Sun - roast chicken or we go out since its mothers day!

    enjoy whats left of the weekend everyone am about to go atry to make yorkshire puddings for the first time :eek:
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  • Another couple of spends for me. £42 odd in Mr S's yesterday & £8 odd in Co-op today. Was a bit annoyed with myself yesterday cos all I realy NEEDED was veg for today & could have gone a few more days without the other things but decided to use a £3 off £30 voucher but again because of having DS with me, I could not concentrate on how much the shopping was adding up to as I went round and it actually came to £45, £15 over the £30! I hate shopping with DD or DS and always spend unnecessarily when they are with me.
    I need to do another freezer stock check. I have managed again to lose the last one I did and really hate doing them as it is so cold in the garage but it is 3/4 full so there must be lots of things for meals in there!
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    aliadds wrote: »
    Just wondered if anyone could point me in the direction of some sort of guide as to how much a week I should allow for 2 adults and 2 dogs. Is £35 realistic or should it be more? I know there are lots of other factors involved but I just thought someone may have some advice!:)

    Don't know how much you need for the dogs but for us, 2 adults, I now budget about £30 a week. Before starting the GC, we were spending about £50 a week and month by month have reduced this thanks to all the useful tips on this thread.

    As others will tell you, it really depends on what you include in your budget. Ours includes food, toiletries and cleaning stuff but not alcohol.


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    Hello everyone. Just totted up what I've spent this week and was shocked. Mind you, we popped into Home Bargains yesterday and spent £50 - but we only visit there every couple of months and we stocked up on lots of cleaning stuff and toiletries. Hopefully won't spend much this week, I'm determined to stick to the budget which is very high compared to most people on here! Must try harder ...
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