Missplaced Guilt ??

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I was made redundant Mid July and apart from a 3 week temporary job I've been unable to land another position yet.

My dilemma is thus.. my mortgage and credit card are covered by unemployment insurance. So I effectively have a salary threshold, below which I'd be penalised financially.

Problem is all my instincts tell me to earn a living and not to be so fussy about getting a job.

Anyone else had this dilemma ??


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    Follow your instincts. I was made redundant from a job over 10 years ago and was on the dole for about a year. Luckily I had no real overheads but that year was the worst year of my life, there's only so much daytime TV the human brain can handle. Also, surely the unemployment insurance would only last so long?
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  • scatz wrote:
    Also, surely the unemployment insurance would only last so long?
    I thought it only lasted 1 year :confused:

    misterjingles getting a job, no matter what it is, could mean the difference between you losing your house or not :o
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    I went back to work when my children were small rather than claim income support when my marriage broke up. I was about £2.50 better off at first (not including all the peripheral benefits of IS like free school dinners etc). I built on the temporary job I started with and progressed to a sales role with the same company, a career move I would have never considered.

    I know other people who work for only a few quid more than they would get in benefits.
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    Not all PPI policies have a max 12 month payout (but the vast majority do, esp for unemployment)

    Personally I think that working is not just about the salary but also your sanity - a job gives people some self respect (living off benefits still has a major stigma attached to it, esp for JSA, which gets to the majority of people in time) and with minimal money coming in there is only so much you can do to enterain yourself all day every day
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  • Keep trying for the best role you can get whilst you've got the insurance. Time enough to take the first job that comes along when the insurance is about to run out. I don't think you should feel guilty about claiming on the insurance you've paid for.
  • I would be trying to get the best job I can. As long as you are vlooking for work why feel guilty.
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  • I assume you paid for this unemployment insurance,so use it , you deserve it until you find a job that suits you.You did not ask to be made redundant!!
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  • Thanks for the replies so far - It's early days yet and I'm very positive about finding another job. However , I have paid into these schemes for the last 17 years and only had to claim once before . Even then it was only for 1 months mortgage payment. The economics don't stack up yet for salaries below a certain level. And as this is a site dedicated to saving money rather than losing it, maybe I should chill awhile and wait for that ideal job to come along.
  • I was made redundant in June, thankfully I have PPi covering 2 loans and an individual policy paying out £1000pm. To get the insurance I have to sign on at the Job Centre every 2 weeks and justify that I am looking for work which obviously I am. I was a senior manager and on a very good salary up to which we live, big mortgage....... My husband is working. I have just this morning had my 13 week job discussion and it now appears that for the first 13 weeks you can apply for any job you fancy, after 13 weeks this alters and I have to widen my approach. My job seekers allowance is income based which also stops after 5 months. I now have to sign on each week and provide documentary evidence that I have applied for 2 jobs each week. I have another job discussion in 6 weeks when the criteria will change again. I will have to apply for and accept any job even one paying just the minimum wage. If I do not apply for any jobs or am offered and refuse any job I will be taken off the unemployed register. If I can not 'sign on' then I cannot claim my unemployment insurance. I may have to take a job paying £5ph which will in no way pay our mortgage. Now I am sincerely hoping to get a good job soon but the whole point of this rant is why will the policy pay out for 12 months when the Job Centres won't let you sign on after 6 months.
    has anyone else come across this before and is there a way round this?
    Thanks for your advice.
  • I was made redundant in June please read my post re not being able to choose a real job after 13 weeks! The problem with taking a job just for the sake of it is that it can look bad on your cv if you keep changing.
    Good luck
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