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March 2010 Grocery Challenge

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  • moonbabe58moonbabe58 Forumite
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    Can you put me down for £170
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  • ChocClareChocClare Forumite
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    scotdebs wrote: »
    Hi all looking for a couple of receipes from the more experienced GC folks to stop me heading into MR M&S Foodhall
    - potato rostis
    - macaroni cheese (i dont like cheese which is why i have never bothered to try and make this but DS2 likes it)
    would be great if I was able to freeze them as well

    Macaroni cheese - see post No 5 on page one for recipe. Potato rosti - this one involves bacon, but you can leave the bacon out if you want. Happy cooking
  • esmf73esmf73 Forumite
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    I know I said I'd do this before but this time I really mean it. Have set myself a budget of £500 to include everything for our family of 5 and 2 large dogs. Will put weekly spend in my signature at the end of every week. Am being quite strict and not stocking up when I see good bargains, which has always been my downfall in the past.
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    Good luck to all the newbies this month.

    Small spend in MrT. Got 50/50 bread for 65p Whoopsie, plus green beans, 2 x double decker, 2 egg custards and 6 instore bakery hot x buns. The buns are on offer at 43p for 6 until 7th March hth someone.

    Also went to Ic*land and got 10 x hula hoops for £1.

    Sig updated.

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  • I seriously think I need to do the "My name is Long tall sally & I am a shopoholic" thing!

    Went to mr T's for slippers & g/free biscuits & then thought I may as well spend over £25 and use a £2.50 Farm Foods voucher. Also went to Farm foods but they hadn't had their delivery of milk so got some choccie bars for pack lunches & eggs & then had to go to Iceland for milk. All in all spent another £31 odd. Signature duly updated.

    I am now going to try really hard to keep away from the shops for a few days and spend othing more. Infamous last words, eh?
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    JayJay14 wrote: »
    If you do want to use jelly most of the crystal type ones are veggie.

    Sorry, don't know what crystal type ones are! Can you give more details please?


  • scotdebsscotdebs Forumite
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    ChocClare thanks for the receipes will give them a go soon

    Ok first spend to report £20.10 in MR A ............YES I know my budgeted spend was £15.00 but I bought DS1 a comic (he has been v good and gets a wee treat now and again) and I bought donuts to take up to my aunt who was looking after DS2 but all in all not bad - didnt do my usual trawl through all the aisles just went straight to the bits I needed and left so feeling quite proud of myself :A
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    Got my ASDA delivery all in order.

    Made a new dish for tea last night and it was lovely;

    400g minced steak
    2 carrots diced
    2 onions chopped
    Steamed basmati rice with red lentils stirred through
    Squirt tomato puree
    Curry powder
    Salt and pepper

    Dry fried the mince with the carrot and onion, when cooked I added the spices and the puree and simmered with a lid on for about 30 minutes, add the spinach and then stirred the cooked, chilled (left over) rice and lentils into it and serve.
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  • Good afternoon all,

    well I don't have to think about dinner tonight as I am off out for a meal at a really nice restaurant. Wont be counting the bill in with my GC this time. Sometimes I do count eating out but usually only snacks or lunches, not dinners.

    Trying really hard to be organised with pack lunches as this is an area I can fall down on. I tend to forget to defrost meat for sandwiches and then buy them from shops. Or I don't defrost soup for flask. So now I organise what I am having for packed lunch the evening before when I am giving kitchen the last tidy of the day.
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  • NSD for me today :j

    Was debating whether to go to the butchers, but as OH pointed out I have a meal plan stuck on the fridge for the next 2 weeks so really don't need anything. I just can't seem to help myself :o I seem to be obsessed with food shopping!!!

    Also did a deal with my dad. He picked up some free range eggs from the guy he works with for me. Rather then paying him for them ( which is only 50p for 6! ) I gave him some of the cakes I made last night which he seemed more than happy with :D

    Should save me a small fortune getting my eggs from him now, I was paying in the region of £1.50 - £1.80 for half a dozen FR eggs in the supermarket so it's a third of the price!
    Going to get to grips with food shopping again, starting February!

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