March 2010 Grocery Challenge

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    Spent £2 in P*undland yesterday - bag of onion sets and 10 Maris Peer seed potatoes. They looked pretty healthy so thought I would try them. They also had lots of veg seeds.

    I have saved some seed potatoes from last years crops so will maybe think of getting them chitting although it's a bit early here in Scotland.

    I was moderately pleased with the crops I grew last year so certainly worth a try again, didn't have to buy onions or potatoes for ages and they tasted so much better and lasted longer.

    Not making much progress on clearing the freezer as I just seem to keep adding more cooked meals :o - got 6 portions of lasagne out of 700g of mince - we ate 2 last night, I will have another tonight and the other 3.......had to go in the freezer. Hey ho, won't go hungry for the rest of the month :D.
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    Hi everyone :D.

    I promised last month to have a look at what I was spending and just be a lurker till this month now I can I come in this month (and the months after).

    I sent £206.97 last month which was good for me :D

    So this month I would like to try off with £250 as I have some birthdays to cover and DD is doing some things at GCSE cooking that we would not normally buy but she does bring the food back home :D and we can use some things for a meal :D.
    Getting myself sorted 1 day/1thing at a time :) and Love sewing :)
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    Mornin all

    A mammoth shop today cos I'm trying to keep out of the shops for little spends which I think are my downfall. So I have menu planned for all of March, and made a shopping list that bought all I could ahead. The theory is that only F&V, milk and bread will need to be bought. I think it may work well (but it could be a disaster lol) OH has been told NOT to shop unless insructed lol (he always thinks he'd better buy things "in case")

    So I spent £36.28 in Mr As, £69.07 in Mr S, £20.35 in M&S, £10.17 in L**l, £3.76 in A**i and £0.90 in I**land (milk using DDs coupons for her'n me so we make sure they're used in time. I'll buy her milk after that)

    A grand total of £135.53 :eek: leaving less than half of the total and it's only the first day :(. Well we'll see...
  • Hello Everyone, what a lovely sunny morning and a lovely new thread. Thanks to Pink, Mrs McC and Rosieben for all your hard work and keeping things running so smoothly.

    Please can I declare that I have spent £346.86 so far from my Annual Budget. I need to be very frugal this month .....that will make a change:rotfl:Still I've made a good start and have a lovely Veggie Soup in my pressure cooker and a loaf baking in the BM.

    I noticed co-*p are selling a litre bottle of extra virgin olive oil for £2.50p at the moment which I think is a great buy. HTH someone.

    Have a lovely day everyone and good luck with the March Challenge! icon7.gif
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  • Going out to do the shopping in a minute - ingredients for this week's shared lunch I do with my housemate.

    I was wondering - lots of people seem to buy enormous bags of potatoes that last them 6 weeks. When I buy potatoes, they have little eyes within a few days and start to go soft. I buy 7 days' worth at a time and wouldn't be keen on eating them after that. How do you store them to make them last that long?
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    can i declair i spent £4.83 so far, i actually used a milk token so its less but its still groceries so i am adding it. the woman in the shop was really annoyed that i wanted to use a milk token when there was a que.
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    :o Day 1 and I have already spent £34.60 out of the £150 allowed for March!yikes! I do now have a huge supply of canadian frozen prawns, flora marge, mango chutney, dried cranberries, dried apricots and yogurt. I've been to Costco!:j

    On Wednesday I will have the organic box delivery, another £11.95, not had one for a month now so need it. According to the website it has leeks, parsnips and potatoes in (soup!) cabbage and carrots (stir fry) apples (crumble) bananas (fritters) and mandarins. Other than that all we need is milk for dh.

    I have the slowcooker full of bottom of the fridge and country mix soup, some for tonight and lots for the freezer. I've started off some mung beans to sprout ready for a prawn stir fry at the end of the week. Now to menu plan for the rest of the week/month.

    I've given up crisps for Lent and am missing them, so when it gets difficult I'm going to make some more easy cheese biscuits.

    4oz grated cheese
    4oz plain flour
    4oz margerine/butter

    Mix together, add a tiny amount of mixed herbs or black pepper/cayenne pepper if you like. Roll out on a floured board and cut into shapes. Bake at 180C for about 10 mins until golden brown.
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    i keep hearing about these veg boxes. are they good value for money?
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    I've been Money Tipped!
    83rachel wrote: »
    i keep hearing about these veg boxes. are they good value for money?

    Hello! Yes for me they are as I am trying to eat as well and organically as I can (have cfs/me) abel and cole have never let me down, always very good quality, also nice to have them delivered to the door. I am sure if you shopped at the right time to get the whoopsies at the supermarkets or shopped from the markets you would get cheaper though.
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    Please put me down for £240 for March please

    Going well so far...bought a LOT of stuff at MrA. Will last us 2 weeks according to our meal plan! Though we have just got our new slow cooker as an engagement present from IL's and DF is dying for a slow cooked meal!!! Sadly it isn't on the meal plan though!!! So i think we might have to shove a meal or two over to the second half of the month and purchase some casserole bits :D
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