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Am currently in Vietnam and will be travelling for some(many?!) months to come. Just rang my car insurance company as my insurance is due for renewal in the next month. I wanted to just insure my car for fire & theft since I won't be driving it and no one else is insured on my policy - just in case it gets nicked from our driveway or the house burns down! Seemingly car insurance companies here won't insure a car third party only if it is worth more than 5000pounds.

Funnily enough I don't want to be throwing out 430pounds for fully comprehensive right now! Am now thinking just to take my chances and not insure it all until next year when the tax is due but I guess I loose my no claims if I do that?

Any suggestions?

Why can't they make this easy. It's not as if my car is likely to be involved in an accident and I have maximum no claims so it hasn't been involved in an accident when I've actually been driving it.

Is this another N.Ireland scam or is it normal not to insure a car of this worth?

Aghhhhhhh:mad: :mad:


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    when the tax is due

    If it's on your private driveway then why don't you fill out a SORN (statutory off road notification) so you don't have to pay tax.
    Any suggestions?

    1. Speak to a broker. There may be a suitable product out there for you.
    2. Sell the car and buy a new one when you get back.
    3. Lend it to a trusted friend providing they tax, insure, service and generally look after it.
    4. Put a clamp (or two) on it and don't bother insuring it (take the chance). What's the chances of your house burning down. You could consider paying for a secure garage.

    You will only loose the no claims after 6 months I think.
  • Thanks. Some things (and companies like o2 when they lose your credit card details and try to convince you it wasn't their fault...) just seem so much more difficult to deal with when you're calling from far away!

    Reason for not SORN - my dad can still drive my car on his insurance. My brother occasionally comes home from London. Thus there are 2 cars available for driving.My dad doesn't do major driving in my car. It also means he can take it out for a spin and keep it ticking over.

    SORN - I'm going to have difficulty signing the form this time! The tax isn't due for another year so I'm not so worried about it right now.Actually I'm just thinking, I'm meeting my brother at the start of next year, I could get the sorn form sent home and then get it sent to my brother and hope he brings it with him....hope...!! Thats an idea but not immediate problem.

    Going to have difficulty selling the car as I'm already away from home and would really like it to be there when I come home as I won't be able to afford to buy a car then!

    I doubt if it would be stolen from our driveway..... doubt....Maybe I should just insist it is kept in the garage instead of the parents car - though they just got a 'new' car which I suspect is in the garage now.

    Hmm. Starting to favour the not buying insurance...

    I'll sleep on it. Goodnight *grin*

    PS. Thank you.
  • I could be totally wrong here, but I seem to remember being told that your no claims bonus can still be used up to two years later.
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    my dad can still drive my car on his insurance

    OK, didn't realise it was being used.

    This is almost certainly only 3rd partycover.
    So any damage to you £5K car is uninsured.

    Are you sure this is what you want?

    If you fill out the SORN or don't get insurance then it must not be driven.

    I am now unclear about what level ofi insurance you want/need, but if you are away and finding it difficult to shop around then a broker may well be your best best.
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    I could be totally wrong here, but I seem to remember being told that your no claims bonus can still be used up to two years later.

    At the end of the day it's up to each insurer what they will accept so there are no "rules" as such.
    They can chose to give you anything they like.

    Lack of no claims is no necessarily a big deal.

    I got a motobike 2 years ago and have no no-claims on bikes.
    My insurance was still very cheap because I was 37 and female.
    The age and gender factors were much more important than no claims, so it's not the be all and end all.
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    Hi there

    I used to work for a big insurance company on the mainland and im afraid it was the rule to not insure any car under £5000 F&T (same for TPF&T too) :rolleyes:, never got told the reason why that is though but im guessing it will be pretty much the same all round, but its worth a try to look around as there may be a company who WILL.

    ETA: it was also the rule that your no claims will be valid for two years aswell, so i think this is pretty much the rule of thumb all round.

    Also if youre driving another car on TP only under your own insurance, its generally for emergency purposes only, but that could be just the rule of the compnay i worked for. I dont think insurance companies intend you to do that frequently.

    Good luck!:D

  • for your dad to drive it 3rd party, you need to have the car insured
  • Agh.... Had written a reply just to be told I wasn't logged in though I distinctly remembering logging in. Here goes again.

    Thank you for the replies.
    I've checked with my insurance company and the no claim bonus is safe for 2 years.

    I asked them if I declared the car SORN if I could get insurance for F&T. This was obviously a 'stupid' question and took alot of time to try to explain and I still don't think they understood what I wanted. Why is it so difficult to understand insurance for F&T only - everything else we all have is insured so why not a car? Anyway, seemingly you can only insure fully comp or 3rd party/F&T even if the car is SORN.

    So I am NOT going to renew my insurance.

    The insurance company then said if I did NOT declare the car SORN I could have difficulties when I come to take out insurance again on this car, with the break in insurance. Why? Do insurance companies ever ask if you declared the car SORN before they will insure you? Besides I do have a passport that shows very clearly that I am out of the country and it is alittle difficult to drive a car when it isn't in the same country as you!

    I realise now that I do not understand car insurance. It's all very simple when you're at home using the car! Ok, I get the 'you need insurance to get the car taxed', but I guess what I am now having difficulty with is the difference between insuring the car and insuring the person driving it. Seemingly these are not separate things. But, for example, if someone was driving your car (lets say in an emergency) and had an accident, surely the claim would come off their insurance not yours. So why does the car specifically need to be insured. Why not the person? Why not have the person insured to drive named cars rather than the car with named drivers..... Am I making any sense at all?! (Actually now I'm wondering how hiring a car here works with insurance, do you have to pay for extra cover or can you drive a hire car on your 3rd party and do the hire companies have an overall insurance policy. I've never hired a car so I really don't know) I'm only creating questions for myself now!

    Basically, I don't understand why the car needs to be insured for my dad to drive it 3rd party on his insurance. I'm not arguing or wanting to do anything illegal, I simply don't understand!

    My dad would be using my car to run up the street - to keep it ticking over and occasionally when my brother comes home (which isn't often). It would be very minimal use. Though I don't suppose anyone would say running up the street is an emergency even though walking up isn't an option for my parents!

    Anyway, he is going to ask his insurance company whether they have any suggestions...

    So, my mild panic is over in that I'm happy not to insure the car. The rest SORN/whether others can drive it, can be sorted later. No hurry on that just yet I think.

    Many thanks for all your replies.
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