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February 2010 Grocery Challenge

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  • I'm declaring £248.27 for Feb, please put me down for £250 for March, many thanks MRSMC.

    Dinner tonight is roast lamb and all the trimmings, not made a decision on pud yet - will venture off to the Kitchen in a moment.

    Have a good day everyone and good luck for those still to declare.:D
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  • Spent £98 already for March and it isn't even March yet!! :eek:
    Though we have bought all the shopping for two weeks with the exceptions of a bit of milk and some ham maybe so it isn't too bad. Will help with my NSD's too if we have bought this much in one go :)
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  • Good afternoon everyone,

    spent this morning emptying, washing and reorganising my freezer.
    Really thought I would need to do quite a big shop this week but after unearthing so many treasures in the freezer and making this weeks meal plan I really only need a few bits and bobs. So hopefully I may have a couple of NSD this week.

    Good luck to everyone.
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  • Hi everyone
    Well I've set up a little savings account and whatever I don't spend in my grocery challenge I'm transferring for Christmas as we just can't afford to go broke every year. I'd like to set March spend at £360 again please. Going to try for 10 NSD for March really struggled this month, mind you I forgot it's a short month that included half term holidays :)
    good luck everyone.
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  • TaadaaTaadaa Forumite
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    I've spent £78 from the MArch budget, but this has provided us with all the meat we need for two weeks, so hopefully next week I will just need to top up the fruit and veg! Thats £78 out of £280 btw. x
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    Need to go shopping but am determined not to leave the house today.C:%5CDocuments%20and%20Settings%5Cuser%5CMy%20Documents%5CMy%20Pictures
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    JayJay14 wrote: »
    Earthmother - when I had a freezer years ago which had a dodgy door I bought one of those stick on child safety locks, that kept it closed with no problem. Would save switching off and losing your freezer space (especially with all thos bread puds to find room for).

    That's a good idea - I'll pick one up in the week :)
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  • My feb total is £494.69 :eek:... BUT... freezer quite full, got plenty of pet food... and Feb did include a rather lovely 'Come dine with Me' evening I held for a friends Birthday! So... Feb £494.69... I'm aiming for £500 in March.. but this will include a Birthday bash too so here's hoping... I am aware that I'm spending a lot on groceries, but we don't have any waste and I am cutting back and watching what I spend... Honest! Thanks to all who post :j
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    Me again :D

    How's this for old style? I've been perusing the forum recipe links for malt loaf (I want a dark sticky one like soreen if possible) and writing down recipes. I just went in the kitchen to find OH with the Good Housekeeping Family Favourites Cookbook from 1956 that I inherited from my Mum. It's got the recipe below and the old black & white photo looks quite like soreen though when I try it I will add more fruit. I thought others may be interested though I'm sure this isn't where I'm supposed to post it so apolgies :o

    Malt Bread
    8 oz SR Flour
    1/2 tsp bicarbonate of soda
    3 oz chopped dates or sultanas (I'll probably try doubling and will use raisins & sultanas)
    1 oz demerara sugar
    2 tbsp malt
    2 tbsps golden syrup (I'll try using treacle half and hlf or maybe just replace)
    1/4 pt milk
    1 egg

    Sieve flour & bicarb and add the fruit and sugar. Heat the malt, syrup and milk in a small pan, and add to the dry ingredients, with the beaten egg; mix well put into a greased loaf tin and cook in a moderate oven for 40-45 minutes. Serve sliced with butter.

    Not sure if this could go in the BM but sounds pretty simple to do anyway.

    Anyone know what a moderate oven would be for an electric fan oven please?

    MMmmmm, my mouth is watering again.
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  • Just back from Mr A's. Spent £58.15 on food and £20 on birthday food for a party tomorrow. This includes a bought cake so not too bad.

    I made a cake yesterday with my fool proof Nigella victoria sponge recipe but the seal is going on my oven door and the light fluffy cake I normally get looks like a clay pigeon! Looks like another purchase in the household budget to get the door re sealed :mad: Does it never end????

    Best of luck everyone, K
    Merry Christmas
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