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    purply wrote:
    can anyone advise?
    i am with 18866 which i use during the week and use onetel at the weekend.at the moment, my onetel bills are quite substantial ppl in my family do not bother to use 18866 for mobiles. this is especially the case at weekends.

    my question is can i set up the orchid dialler so it routes mobile phone calls through 18866 and not onetel, yet at the same time recognising landline calls and routing them through onetel?

    thanks in advance
    purply - You will need the V4 version and not the V2 (V4 can handle up to 9 different carriers...can programme routing for different times of day..w/ends..landlines..mobiles..international calls etc etc).
    Check out the orchid electronics website:https://www.orchid-electronics.com

    Also you may want to set up an account with 1899 as well as 18866 as the former is cheaper for mobile calls than 18866 (10p day/evenings and 2p all w/end). Also if you need to call a vodafone mobile in the evenings during the week - you may find onetel even cheaper than 1899..possibly around 6p/min. The V4 can handle all this!

    Hope this helps.....
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    thanks fbrj!
    the setting up of the orchid dialler sounds complicated!
    but i will get one.

    Respond to every call that excites your spirit.
  • I have had the dialer for about 3 weeks,and it saved me a lot of money so far.

    As i am not very techie,i had Orchid do the original setup for me,they were very helpful.

    I have since changed to Talk Talk in the evening,and i don't want to ask Orchid to set it again,i was hoping to do it myself.

    How can i find out the carrier number for Talk Talk etc?
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    Carl - I hope to be changing my settings on Orchid V4 (once their server is running again...hopefully 7th Feb) as i have recently moved to Tele2 (free w/e and evening uk landline calls.....with monthly payment waived for 12 months). I think you will find that if your transfer has already taken place, Talk Talk will now be handling all calls you previously had handled by BT.....1899 and 18866 overides will still work for you. The only change you might want to make is to route 0845 and 0870 calls back through BT - I think their code is 1280....you should find that on the "drop down" router list in the programme chart. Also you will need to "force dial" after you have amended your routing requirements. Good luck!!
  • Thanks.

    I thought the problem was with the server was at my end,as i was going to have a go at changing the settings myself,but i couldn't connect,has it been down for a while?

    At the moment,i have all numbers routed through 18866 24 hours a day.

    I was with Tesco previously,when i bought the router i had just signed up to Talk Talk,but it had not changed over.Now it has,i can alter the settings.

    In hindshight,perhaps it would have been easier to leave 6pm to 6am on Tesco,then like you say Talk Talk would have taken over,but my logic was that i wanted to start saving straight away,and not pay Tesco the £4.47 ? monthly fee while the changeover was going on,if that makes sense?

    I have tried to pass the word around about 18866 and Orchid,but my work mates are so skeptical,they don't believe it's so cheap (i have cut and pasted my bill to them) they think there is a catch somewhere! nevermind,it's their loss isn't it
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    carl - orchid is still down.....almost completes link for me (retrieving existing settings..then freezes!). You might have a look at 1899 too as this is cheaper than 18866 for calling mobiles. 10p a min all week..2p/min at w/end plus 3p connection...if you make lots of calls to mobiles....
  • MartinF wrote:
    Hi All

    I have been using 2x Orchid V4 diallers for about 2 months now. ( I had two cordless base units at different ends of the house so I needed 2 units but most folk will only need one).

    The units plug in betwwen the first BT box and all your phones. It picks up the dialling and routes the call to whatever providers you want depending on the type of call.

    As example here is my current setup:

    local/national calls - 1866 (1p connection +free )
    calls 0845,0870 - BT ( cheapest currently ? )
    calls (premium ) - barred
    calls 118XXX - the directory enquiry of your choice
    calls to USA/Canada - 1899 (3p connection + .5ppm )
    calls to Australia - 18866 (1p connection + 2ppm )
    other international calls - 18866

    The dialler will also alow you to send calls to different providers at certain times of the day as it has a built in clock.

    Therefore if a provider offers free nighttime calls you can route those calls to that provider whilst daytime calls go to another provider.

    It does take a while to figure out the different functions.

    As one can change things on a daily/hourly basis if needed , it means your family do not have to remember prefixes and remember which provider is cheapest for the type of call they are making.

    All in all I am very pleased with the Orchid dialler and the help-line service.


    So let me get this right, you can use this box to dial 18866 numbers as well as 1899 numbers, by simply programing the box??
  • Hi Hotrod - yes, you can programme the V4 for up to 9 csp's I think. Best £15 I have ever spent.

    I am with BT and I use the following -
    Daytime / evening weekday land lines - 18866 (1p connection charge)
    Weekend land line calls - Onetel (free)
    Weekday daytime mobiles - 1899 (3p connectioncharge + 10p per min, cheapest I can find)
    Weekday evening mobiles - Onetel (works out cheaper for the networks we dial)
    Weekend mobiles - 1899 (3p per connection charge + 2p per min )
    0845 / 0870 - BT (Cheapest)
    Premium rate - barred
    Directory enquiries - Onetel (free)

    If you are with NTL / Telewest you would have to use a slightly different set up, eg 1899 work out cheaper for the daytime landline calls. My mum is on NTL and I have added her to my 1899 service so she can use the prefix and not get ripped off for the calls. In 3 months of normal useage for her she has clocked up less that £2.00 worth of calls on 1899 - this would have been about £35 on NTL. She gave me a fiver and told me to tell her when it runs out, she can't beleive that it is still going strong!!!

    This has saved me (and my mum) a packet, it was easy enough to do (must be if I could do it!) - on the whole highly recommended.
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    The Orchid dialler sounds very good. I have Kingston Communications (KC) landline and use KC, One-Tel and 18866 for my calls.

    The only time I use KC is for calls to other KC customers (but only if the call is likely to last more than 11 minutes as KC local calls are a fixed price of 6.46p).

    Yes I know that you can use 18866 on a BT exchange for 1p/call but this is not possible on the KC exchange as you have to use the 0800 access number for 18866 and not the short code. And, in Hull, you can only get a KC line!!

    Can the Orchid dialler cope with this scenario?
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    Can you set the Orchid Dialler to send certain phone numbers to certain providers. For example calls between TalkTalk customers are free so can the phone numbers of the friends on TalkTalk be set into the dialler to still use the TalkTalk service and the rest of the calls set to 18866?

    I know this only save a 1p per call but I make around 5 calls a day to other TalkTalk users. From what I have learnt on this website saving every penny counts.

    Thanks for your help
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