Why do my flapjacks never set????

Hello all
I have just made another batch of flapjacks and yet again they have crumbled into what appears to be a bowl full of muesli! This is the 3rd recipe I have tried but every time the same thing happens.
Does anyone have any idea why?
Or any failsafe recipes I can try?
Thanks in advance.
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    what is the recipe you are using? plenty of butter and golden syrup? thats the sort of stuff you need to stick it all together.
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    Maybe divide while in baking tray and allow to cool.
  • I have this problem too - but I find that using butter rather than marg helps and cooking them for slightly longer too
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  • i never used to bake mine, i just left them to cool after mixing. are you baking them?
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  • I like Delia's recipe. Can't post links yet but you'll find it on deliaonline.com

    They're a tricky thing to get right, I think.
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    After more disasters than I care to remeber, the best thing with FJ`s is to score/mark them after about 10 mins but LEAVE TO COOL until the next day. Otherwise they just seem to disintegrate! If you want another recipe, pm me.
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    I've been making flapjacks for my school's tuck shop for about 6 years now.

    I use this recipe and bake them in a 12'' by 9'' traybake tin.The size of tin is important because when I use smaller tins I invariably end up with brittle, hard flapjacks because the mixture is less thick in the tin so it cooks quicker. You may need to experiment until you find the right timings and tins. I make 3 tins at once so it's a bit tricky to scale down to one tin, but I'll have a go.

    First butter your tin well and if possible line the bottom. I have some reusable baking liner cut for my tins and it is fab for this sort of thing.

    Melt together

    1 generous tablespoon of golden syrup (I use 4 tbsp for 3 tins so you want 1 and a third really)
    4 oz demerara sugar
    6 oz butter (NOT MARGE)

    Stir in 11 oz porridge oats

    Mix well. You can add a handful of seeds or nuts if you like, or dried apricots.

    Spread out in the tin, I use a potato masher to make it even.

    Bake for 23 mins at 170 fan oven or 190 C for a conventional oven.

    If you cook them too long they become brittle and shatter into a million pieces when cut and if you undercook them they are too soft. 23 mins is just right for my oven but bear in mind your oven may be different.

    Leave to cool COMPLETELY in the tin before turning over and bashing on the worktop when it should come out in one piece. This is crucial, they must be absolutely cool. I cut it into 12. These flapjacks are firm but slightly chewy, just the way we like them.

    Recipe for 3 traybake tins

    4 tbsp syrup (use half black treacle for a change)
    12 oz demerara
    500g butter (2 packets)
    2lb oats
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    This is a recipe I have used and it never fails,uses the microwave rather then baking, (I think I got the link from on here orignially - thank you to the person who posted it!). Put the flapjacks in the fridge to set. I never bother with putting the chocolate on top, but do add lots of raisans, sultanas and cherries.
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  • For porridge, I like the 'thick cut' oats (they have a proper name something to do with how they're milled but I can't remember what it is!). They taste fabulous but don't stick well for baking. I compromise by whizzing half the oats for the recipe in the liquidizer until they are in bits bigger than oatmeal but smaller than whole oats. When I mix these in, the flapjacks or whatever stick better.
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