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  • The world cup has an 'A' final to esablish first and second place, and a 'B' final to decide 3rd and forth. That is pretty much the same. I do find it a bit pointless though!!
  • The B final establishes 5th-8th place. I guess coming 5th in the Olympics is something worth trying for - 5th in the world isn't bad!
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    Let's face it, scooting down on a mountain on one plank of wood is for those who can't manage to do it on two. Personally I'd rather be 5th, 6th, 7th, or 8th in the Olympics than never be heard of again.
    .................:)....I'm smiling because I have no idea what's going on ...:)
  • I was going to cite the world cup example.
    I agree with Cyzaki that 5th in the world is pretty impressive.
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    Thought the snowboard cross was completely mad, but was more interested in the Martin lookalike who won the Men's Downhill.

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    im loving the snowboarding i stayed up very late last night to see shaun white amazing performance by him

    i llike the consolation finals it gives them a chance to improve
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  • In the World Cup that takes place throughout the season, the B final is used for establishing competitor ranking points for later competitions. In the Olympics, it establishes the minor placings from 5th - 8th as well as providing extra entertainment for the spectators.
    Logistically it is often deemed necessary to avoid a long break between the end of the semi-finals and the main final, ensuring there is enough time for the final competitors to return to the top of the course and conduct their race preparations.
  • While this years Olympics has been drugs 'clean' as far as I'm aware it is entirely possible that two (or more) medal winners could be disqualified after the race due to testing positive. In this case you would need to have established who came 5th overall to work out who the true winners were...

    As for the Snowboard Cross... well I did enjoy that but it doesn't hold a candle to the chaos that is short track speed skating (both individual and relay)...
  • I was wishing they would simply put all 8 into the same final :rotfl:
  • Speed Skating has A and B finals I think.
    Some athletics events have A and B Finals - some of the shorter events I think - maybe in World CUp events?
    Cambridge Boat race - with ICIS and Goldie(think that's what they are called)?

    These are a few off the top of my head - I'm pretty sure it's not that uncommon when you think about it.
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