Barker & Lowe legal recoveries, anyone heard of them?



  • currently in owe Wonga £ i have received a letter from Barker & Lowe Legal Recoveries, stating an offer of settlement. They said they will accept 75% of the value of my debt, reducing it to £269.05. An hour later i got an email from Wonga demanding the £358.73!!!!!!! I realise it is the 1 company! Should i phone Wonga an pay £269.05???:mad:
  • Who is actually dealing with your debt.

    A creditor (who you owe the money to, to begin with) should only use one DCA at a time. You shouldnt be getting offers from 2 different debt collectors.
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  • Also, I wouldn't accept 75% of the debt as settlement. I'd negoiate with them with them - start at 30%. Also, don't do it over the phone keep it all in writing - that way they can't chase you for the remainder in the future (I've had my fingers burnt with this in the past). National Debtline website has a good template letter you can use for this.

    Also, if they have your debit card details, it has been known for creditors to help themselves.
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  • thank you for the advice. One last question ...... if i pay off the outstanding amount via debit card, will they take more than i owe???? I really do not want bad credit in the future as they have said that will happen!!
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    I entered a debt management in August and Wonga were one of the creditors i owed money too (at the time it was just over £1000), within 2 months i now owe them just under £1800 as they didn't freeze the interest. They passed my debt onto another company, but are still chasing me and adding interest which as far as i'm concerned they've got no right to do, if someone bought my debt from them. I also recieved an email 'Demanding the full payment' within one week or legal action will be taken. This "company" Barker & Lowe are just Wonga trying to scare you into paying them their money back. My advice is not to borrow anything from them if you're not 100% certain you can pay it back as the interest is so ridiculously high.

    Like i said they've charged an additional £800 in 2 months :mad:, where some of the companies on my DMP haven't even charged £50 and are very understanding about my situation. Lisa
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