homemade pet food?

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:question: any tips on making HM dog food for smallish dog with gippy tummy? we usually feed the dog on tesco tins + mixer/or complete dry food, twice a day. Plus whatever cat dinners she polishes off when we're not looking.

Our Maxie (small poddle-lab x) is not ill as such but clearly digestion is out of wack. Lots of cleaning up required every morning if you catch my drift. _pale_

I've cooked her rice + chopped carrots, to go with some boiled Netto chicken. does that sound about right?



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    There's a thread on dogs which includes recipes and recipe sites...

    To see it Click Here

    There are tips on cleaning up behind pets (and kids) in the Cleaning section and the Pets section of the MEGA Index sticky at the top of the Old Style forum listing.
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    We have a small dog and we buy ASDA Smart Price minced beef. It is just under 70p per packet and we get 3 meals out of that. We mix it with rice and it is the only thing she will eat. We also get the minced turkey.
  • blue-katblue-kat Forumite
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    thanks for helpful replies. :)
    long trawl through the previous thread to find the recipes!
    will dig through indexed tips on carpet cleaning info next.

    will def. try the minced beef/poultry, as don't fancy have to debone dog dinners ;)

    also going to experiment with filling her KONG.
    might be another use for the Value instant mash, which currently only use in bread machine.
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    hehehe just looked at that kong site it is sooo wierd what u can actually put in them, i wonder who came up with the ideas
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    the idea of the Kong's is to keep the dogs amused playing to get their food I think.

    When I had small dogs, we always had problems if they ate anything with liver in it! Lots of dog foods had liver in it, but it may be worth trying to avoid it. I know liver is full of healthy dogy vitamins, but constant upset stomachs isn't healthy anyway!!

    You might have to change the cat food too!! :D
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    The more I look into this the more confused I get. Have just 'googled' homemade dogfood http://www.google.co.uk/search?hl=en&q=Home+made+dog+food&btnG=Google+Search&meta=cr%3DcountryUK%7CcountryGB

    and come up with lots and lots of conflicting information.

    The mind boggled. I think I'll stick to Winalot chunks in jelly as that seems to be the only stuff that doesn't give him the runs. Give him cheaper stuff or stuff in gravy,and I seem to spend more money on cleaning products!!
    Also considering gradually weaning him off tins and onto complete dry food. At the moment he has a mixture of both.
    'him' is a border collie / german sheperd cross (as far as we can tell)
  • AgutkaAgutka Forumite
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    AlisonW wrote:
    Also considering gradually weaning him off tins and onto complete dry food. At the moment he has a mixture of both.
    'him' is a border collie / german sheperd cross (as far as we can tell)

    Oooh, I have one of those! She's jet black and larger than any collie or female alsatian!
    And podgy apparently, so she's been on Iams Light for months (I dread to think what's in that, and she knows it - if there's anything else going she won't touch her dog food). She just gets dry biscuits, softened with warm water (the stench!). She only gets an upset tummy when she eats chicken bones, but then she self-medicates by chewing grass. Weirdo. Sounds like I'm lucky there.
    My grandad used to check with the butcher for cheap/free meat/bone cast offs and cook up a giant pan with buckwheat or other porridge. His dogs thrived on it. I'm lucky if I cook for the humans, so Iams it is.
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    Mine is a GSD/Collie mix too :) And NUTS! lol

    as she chews anything in sight she occasionally gets the runs but it's usually not her dog food that does it ;)

    Anyway what I feed is Pets at home own brand dried food (I get the "Light" and stock up when on 3 for 2 or similar offer) She gets 100 gr twice a day and some of our leftovers. Any veg, pasta or spud left overs are mixed in and sunday monrning when I do scrambled eggs I do a small batch of 2 eggs for her without milk and butter just plain scrambled eggs.
    If she's eaten anything "naughty" then she is on rice with veg (I'll chuck in an extra handfull when cooking ours) or sometimes sardines (1/2 tin just to flavour it really).

    And so far she's doing great :) She's never out of energy and her main cost is treats (she gets Pets at home bones and sometimes fresh bones from the butcher (always supervised!) and pigs ears from the market) and some REALLY small sausage pieces when training...
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    Whatever you decide to do, you must make the change very gradually. Introducing new foods will just upset the stomach even more. Swopping and changing foods equals diarrhoea!
  • bulchybulchy Forumite
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    Hi, my dogs are fed raw meat,veg and bones, (BARF diet) one of my dogs was terrible for getting the runs, but has never looked back since I changed his diet.
    If you want to stick to tinned dog food, Chappie is a good one, easily digested and low in fat, its cheap but actually recommended by some vets. A friend of mine had a dog that was always getting the squits and this is what her vet recommended.
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