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do you get possessive about your mobile phone

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  • I have nothing to hide, but I'm quite personal with my phone. My OH wouldn't even dream of answering it when I leave it unattended (which is actually quite annoying, as I've missed several calls!). It's got to the point where he'll 'compromise' and answer it, if it's my family calling!

    Our phones are totally accessible to each other, but we still just 'don't go there'.
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    My OH someimes answers my mobilee but i'd break his fingers if he went reading my texts and emails lol I cant have him reading my moans to the girls about him lol He's possessive of his phone too in the same way (but then he cheated so . . )
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    bestpud wrote: »
    I don't think it's right to go through someone else's phone or email.

    It's ok with permission and/or if asked, but otherwise it is snooping and I'd be annoyed about it.

    My ex used to think this sort of thing was ok and anyone who objects has something to hide.

    I also would be VERY annoyed about it, especially as I have never cheated on anyone in my life. I have never given anyone my email passwords. One of the reasons I would not allow someone access to my emails is because I want to respect my friends privacy. If a friend sends me an email about a personal problem I assume she would not want my boyfriend to see it! I have friends I don't like sending emails to because I know they allow their partners to read them.

    I don't like anyone touching my phone not because I have anything to hide, but because it's an iPhone and I don't trust anyone not to drop it!
  • Not being possessive doesnt always mean they dont have anything to hide.

    My ex actually asked me to log in to his facebook account one night to send a message to his brother for him, up popped a chat box where he had been having convo with my now ex best friend with them telling them they loved each other :eek:

    He adamantly denied everything despite her admitting it :rotfl:

    He often gave me his phone to put in my bag or told me to answer it or read texts etc.

    Needless to say he was kicked out the door pretty damn sharpish :D
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    Neither me or my OH are possessive about our phones, they're both left lying around. However, we don't answer each others if they ring, mainly because we both receive business calls on them. We only read each others text if we're asked to.

    It's a kind of unspoken rule that we respect each others privacy enough not to answer/read, a bit like not opening each others letters.
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  • I often answer OH's mobile if he can't get to it, or see who the message is from - and he does the same with mine. I don't feel possessive at all about the mobile, afterall, we share everything, and as others have said, we have nothing to hide. Same goes for any post that comes through the front door (although if it's a parcel, and it's coming up to Christmas/birthdays, I am more cautious then! :D) - it's whoever gets to the post first, although hubby usually leaves it to me to deal with it!
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    I'm only possessive of my right to basic privacy. The method of contacting me doesn't come into it. It's the intrusion that would be the problem. It's only in my lifetime that women have had property and divorce rights in law so yes, I'm quite fierce about it.

    I'd be furious if my hubby had a little nosey round my phone without my express permission. Saying to him that Aunty Edna sent a picture postcard from Skegness and it's there on the coffee table if you want to look is a long way from him daring to pick up and read my letters. I'd be astounded and very angry if he mentioned to me later something that he had picked up from my emails.

    I have nothing to hide but if there is something he ought to know about (hospital appointment, the next vet appointment) I'll tell him myself. The state of Aunty Edna's piles is not a vital thing for him to know. I consider myself adult enough to be trusted to behave responsibly so there is no reason for anyone to be checking up on my doings.

    My handbag is also sacrosanct and heaven help the husband or child who goes rooting in there - they're liable to find said handbag smacking them around the ear!
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    I'm not possessive over my phone, but I do expect my OH to respect mine and my friends/families privacy at times.

    Mostly, I couldn't care less if he picked up a call or read a text. I sometimes ask him too. But, I also get calls and texts from friends/family that are very personal to them. So, to respect their privacy, I will leave the room for a phone call of that sort. My OH understands and he sometimes has calls like that with his brother.

    Not everyone who is possessive of their phone has something to hide. Some are just private people.

    But, if someone acted suspiciously EVERY time the phone went, well.....that would be ringing serious alarm bells, as a cheater never knows when a call or a text will come through from another woman/man, so they are always on edge.

    Why the question OP? Are you like this and receiving grief for it, or is your OH and you're concerned/supsicious?
  • Lotus-eaterLotus-eater Forumite
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    There's possessive and possessive.
    Keeping your phone with you every waking hour and then next to you when you sleep, not letting anyone even touch it, would have my relationship senses off the scale. I know because I've been there. If ever someones usage of a phone suddenly changes and becomes more secret, then you know something is going on.
    Leaving it around but not wanting someone else to answer it, or go into it, can be pretty normal.
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  • Im more possessive over my phone than he is - not sure why ~I have nothing to hide
    although I did once find some texts on his that I wish I hadnt when I was flicking through trying to find a text with some info in id sent him
    But hes free to look at mine anytime he wants?
    *dont know icon*
    We do answer each others phones anyway if the other one isnt near :) (his rings more than mine to be fair and i love talking to his boss lol)
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