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Cheaper Oil for Fuel?

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  • Hi,

    I like the idea of boilerjuice and wellieboots but as other people have said the quote from boilerjuice seems a bit high.

    Boilerjuice quoted 26.25p/litre and one of my local suppliers has an on line price of 24.95p/litre both before VAT!

    Is anyone aware of any co-op groups like these operating in the Tenterden area of Kent?


  • Our village has formed a group with Q8, which delivers twice a year. Before long we all got into sync (Q8 were happy just to top up in the first instance). We got a good discount, but how it compares with some of those national prices I will need to investigate...will revert.

    What else can we buy as a co-operative?
  • I ordered some oil today and was quoted between2 23.78 and 24.5 pence per litre for an order of 1000 litres. The cheapest was Bayford Oils, but they couldn't deliver for a week, so got my local one man band, they can sometimes be just as cheap as the big boys, to deliver tomorrow morning for 23.95p. I live in rural North Yorkshire.
  • I have checked BoilerJuice against my last delivery, 2 days ago from Bayford - It was the same price. I have used them for a few years and they always seem competitive.
  • The only quote I could get for my area LS17 was from Boiler Juice for a 2200 litre load was £20.79 more expensive than my present supplier White Rose Fuels
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  • mussgomussgo Forumite
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    Just paid 25.3 plus vat for 1000 . I live way,way in the sticks,there is only one supplier. So not bad considering!
  • My normal supplier is TotalButler at their Southampton Depot, I called them this morning and asked for a quote for 2500 litres and received a price of 24.24 pence per litre.
    I requested a quote on-line from Boilerjuice for the same amount and received a quote of 24.70 pence per litre. could not quote me and was for Ireland only.

    Southern Counties came out at 24.95 pence per litre.

    However the best quote I could got that delivers in my area (Hampshire) was from Q8 (Reading Depot) at 23.64 pence per litre.

    So, in conclusion it seems that traditional suppliers that can deliver to my area give a better price per litre than group purchases. Based on this small sample in my area I plan to either use Q8 or TotalButler

    Keith Saunders
  • i use CPL/CORALS Poole but national i think good rates usually match the cheapest but order the 1st or any day that month pay 15th next month great delivery good company so far
  • Again, sorry to be negative, but I did not find that BJ were any cheaper, when I tried them; in fact they were a couple of pence a litre dearer! Seems to be no substitute for the laborious task of ringing round all the local suppliers, for a quote, each and every time... (especially as most of them don't seem to respond top e-mails...) I found that Q8 and Oakleys were both reasonable, for Staffs/West mids, at least, but prices do vary dramatically.

    Re the question about oil versus LPG: We switched from LPG to oil last year - and found the latter to be vastly less expensive - around 50%! Also, I 've even heard people say that oil can be cheaper than mains gas, tho' that seems harder to believe...

    Couple of points to remember:
    1. Oil boilers are much noisier than gas ones - so bear this in mind if your boiler is in your kitchen, or near your bedroom, for example.
    2. Oil boilers seem to need a lot more servicing than gas ones - essential every year, I am told, whereas our LPG one was serviced two or three times in 20 yrs (yes, I know, I know...)

    Hope this helps. MGCS
  • I have noted the comments of mgcs and others and as someone who has had both gas and oil fired boilers (20 years till present), I can say that I will keep with Oil.

    Oil boilers do not need more mantenance than oil, they do in fact have fewer parts to go wrong compared with gas. On the one occasion I did get my oil boiler serviced I was charged £30 and the only thing that was done was clean the jet. I was informed that if the unit is working correctly the jet would remain clean. That was 5 years ago..

    I think the boilers may make a little more noise particularly on startup, but I would not say it is a lot more.

    At one time oil was cheaper that gas to run the heating, but now at the current price situation I would say it is about the same. Having said that I would say that gas prices never go down whereas oil price are up and down.
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