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Wilkinsons Thread

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Quick note from

If you've just come from the tip, below is a discussion by forum regulars to collate the hottest mega-bargains currently on offer at Wilkos. This discussion has been going for a while, so click on the last page of the discussion to see the most up-to-date deals.

Current top deals

Current top deals include 42p Lynx shower gel (£2.30), Tresemme shampoo £1.50 (£4) & Calvin Klein Eternity perfume £15 (£25). Find your nearest Wilkos.

More discount store bargains

Poundland | B&M Bargains | Home Bargains

Huge thanks to millsymuttleylaugh and all the MoneySavers who contributed to this thread for their amazing work.

Now back to the original post …

I was wondering if we can start a Wilkinsons thread, theres quite a lot of bargains to be had in there

I find the sponges are good quality only 19p each
Flannels are also cheap (not sure on price)
Individual dish clothes are only about 5p each

Always alot of offers on Shampoos, conditioners and other toiletries

Hair colour by leading brands cheaper than Boots or Superdrug (usually)

Good deals on dog food

I'll add more to it when I've been for another look around :)
Just me, in my own little world



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