MSE News: Have you been sent a wrong tax code by HMRC?

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  • jmcdyrejmcdyre Forumite
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    I got my code middle of January, they informed me I was going on to Basic Rate!!
    Phoned up and they asked a few questions but sorted it there and then, have since had correct code in the post.
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    I've had two notices - one on my pension (early retirement last year, was 647L), and one on my reserve forces employment (normally BR).

    Both are set to D0 - no personal allowance and everything taxed at 40% :(

    I'll be ringing the tax offices next week - waiting until the self assessment furore dies down!
  • Kaos_2Kaos_2 Forumite
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    I received 2 new tax code letters, one for each of my "jobs". They allocated nearly all my tax allowance to the job where I have earned a grand total of £20 in two years and allocated £100 allowance per year to my main job :mad:

    I rang them up and they allegedly put it right and sent out new letters, sure enough the tax codes had been swapped over... all done I thought...

    Luckily I had to ring them again about something else and the lady spotted an error that I had missed... the codes they had "put right" applied to the previous tax year so they were still going to tax me as soon as I had earned over £100 with my main job.

    It felt very deliberate to me, many people wouldn't have noticed the first error, let alone the second error and probably wouldn't have bothered claiming back the tax they overpaid (or wouldn't have realised they could) which means they could be gaining billions from their "mistake"!

    I would urge anyone receiving tax allowance letters to check, double check and check again that everything is right and if there are mistakes, make sure that they are put right and that you have the changes in writing and again triple check that the changes made are correct!

    If a post is helpful to you, please take a second to click "thanks", it makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside! :)
  • cozzacozza Forumite
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    Hi i got a letter yesterday saying my tax code would be from April 2010 55T ?
    I have finally got a Job on the 24th Jan 2010 after beiging made redundant back in Aug 2008 then going on JSA from Aug 2008 till nov 2008 then had brealdown so was on ESA till this year jan 2010 .
    Phone tax place yesterday they some how think i am still working at my Job i got made redundant from in 2008 and now have this new job so they think i have 2 jobs ? and they think i earn £37650 a year ?

    dont know were they got that from ?
    well i phoned and they said it was a mistake
    and new code will be sent out in due course

    so it goes to show they cannot get it right as well
    cos a human has to put the info in the system in the first place ?
  • But if an employer fails to advise HMRC that someone has left, then how can HMRC know?
    £705,000 raised by client groups in the past 18 mths :beer:
  • mine was also wrong - they sent out a note saying id not paid enough last year - not taking into account my self employed payment id made :(

    my accountant spottted it and theyve resent out a new correct code!
  • giruzzgiruzz Forumite
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    Got a letter,

    tmy tax code changed to 566L

    I just have two questions:

    1) Medical is for both myself and my gf. She is not going to get it this year. How do I tell the HMR&C that I will not receive this benefit anymore?

    2) Underpayment of tax. It says that 'You owe GBP46.4 in taxes and therefore we have reduced your allowance GBP231 so you can pay your debt'.

    I just checked what I pay every month with the cumulative so far and it appears that it is the other way around...and I it seems that I overpaid around 550GBP in taxes.

    How do I find out where these 46.4 GBP come from?


  • TarasamTarasam Forumite
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    Pam17 wrote: »
    I think you'll find that quite a lot of the people offering help and advice on this forum, and some of the others, on this website work or have worked in the public sector. I'm one of those people and I find your characterisation of us as "retards" highly offensive.

    Finally I would say that although HMRC do have some online services they do not yet have the facility to communicate securely by email. A visit to their website will show that they advise they only communicate with the public by receipt of incoming phonecalls or exchange of letters.
    As far as being IT dyslexic is concerned that has nothing to do with the so called "retards" on the frontline and more to do with the government and perhaps you should direct your complaints to your local MP rather than make insulting comments here.

    And this comment that Pam is replying to is the reason i will no longer help on this forum, as HMRC staff we risk losing our jobs to help people on here. I'm sick of being bullied and abused at work by the taxpayers of this country (i'm also a taxpayer), and we come home and sit at our laptops / pcs and get abused here too, well no more.

    Signing out of the cutting tax forum.

  • John_PierpointJohn_Pierpoint Forumite
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    Pound down in value. Massive deficit on government's spending.
    Not enough tax collected in January!!!
    That is before the duff notices of coding come into effect.
    I've been charged too much for next year but my wife has been given an allowance to which she is not entitled.
    Lightening does strike twice in the same household.
  • John_PierpointJohn_Pierpoint Forumite
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    Pam17 wrote: »

    0845 3000 627. HMRC have opened this line so that they can measure the number of incorrect code calls they receive.

    An 0800 number would be nice and go a little way to demonstrating how much mistakes like this cost the real productive economy.
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