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February 2010 Grocery Challenge

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  • huxleyhuxley Forumite
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    Hi all going a little over budget at the moment must bring it back in line:o get my fifty pounds each saturday so should only have spent 300 so far but at 320.74:mad: should be able to though. Dh has gone to work today,as ground not sooooo frozen to dig, just hoping its not too wet with thawing! Got some mash potato in the fridge so think I will mix in some tuna and veg and it will be tuna & potatoe pie for dinner. Got some bacon stock so may make a large pot of soup as a fill up over the weekend.
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    I was hoping to have a NSD but I need to buy milk (I buy the Smartprice UHT stuff ;) ) so I'm going to have a mooch around the cupboards etc to see if I need anything else and then hopefully I won't need to go shopping with DD next week as I'll take her tonight after school and make her work for her chippy tea ;):rotfl::rotfl:
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  • Linda32Linda32 Forumite
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    Hello all,

    Spent £296.58 last month so aiming at £280.00 for this month, I work on a 4 week basis so my month will start today 31st Jan and finish 28th Feb

    So Far, £135.55

    Co-op £5.43
    Co-op £17.17
    Tesco £20.02

    Total 178.17
  • Hello everyone,

    Have been lurking as normal just tallied up my final Jan total so am a bit behind, OH doesn't put the receipts in the right place so I'm finding them all over the house! I spent £100.92 last month so 92p over :) Was happy with that, it included food and household bits :D

    This month my total so far is £68.10, have had two big shops, the first one was an unexpected trip around Morrisons at my friends house and I found some fantastic offers and lots of other exciting things. Well same things they have at Tescos but in a different order. Anyway next time i'll have to restrain myself.

    Made a massive pan of carrot and corriander soup yesterday used about 2lbs carrots which I worked out about 50p, 30p fresh corriander, then 2pots and an onion maybe 30p? and a few bits from my cupboard so hopefully enough for 4/5 lunches each for me and OH. Anyway I was chuffed! Cheap and cheerful and just the weather for soup :)
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  • Big shop nearly £100 yesterday however stocked up on wine and also freezer is jam packed, OH is away most of next week and weekend so really should not have to pick up anything apart from the odd bit of fruit & veg. This is first GC so taking it quite seriously at moment and is amazing how much longer shopping takes when you are pricing everything up on the shelves instead of just banging in whatever you want in your trolley:)
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  • Hi Loulou,
    I was thinking exactly the same thing, am even trying my hand at a home made card! (and I'm no crafter LOL) I've found a frosing recipe in my Dairy Cook book, not tried it, but sounds lovely!

    Coffee Fudge Frosting

    2oz butter
    4oz soft brown sugar
    3tsp coffee essence
    1tbsp fresh single cream
    8oz sifted icing sugar

    Put butter, sugar, coffee essence and cream in pan, stand over low heat stirring until butter melts and sugar dissolves, bring to boil, boil briskly for 3 mins only, remove from heat, stir in icing sugar, beat until smooth, continue for further 5 mins,or until frosting has cooled ans is stiff enough to spread.
    My lot love good old butter icing, but with a wee drop of orange juice in, so that will be my topping yum :)

    Peetzil x
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  • I am doing good! We pretty much ate from the freezer this week and only needed a pack of pullups for DD during the week. I made a nasi goreng for myself last night and used quite a bit of veg from the freezer which was good. And little bits of things are getting used up, while I can finally see shelf space in a few of the cupboards.

    I was just putting together a meal list for the next few days on the other thread, and I really only need to buy fruit and veg, 2 steaks, perhaps 3 lamb chops or some fish, bread, milk, and dunkers to see us through this week again.

    I may even get organised to make a quiche - um, smoked salmon and leek perhaps (salmon in freezer from special last summer) - oh, and Tues is pancake tues, so I will be changing that menu plan. But I could actually get away with just buying steaks for a nice romantic dinner Sat, and not needing to buy any other meat for the rest of the week and all of next weekend too.

    And my boss has agreed to me using most of my remaining leave in early March (leave year ends at end March), so I will probably take a trip to Mr. S, or maybe even Mr. A (I don't think there's a Mr. M within easy reach) up around Newry direction on one of those days. So totally restock the cupboards then (which would blow the budget for the month - but then again, I am also running an annual tracker so I should still be good overall).
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    rosiebenrosieben Forumite
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    Coffee Fudge Frosting is now in the front page recipe index peetzil; it sounds absolutely lush ;)

    did a small shop today in the village - spent £18, mostly at the butcher so now have lots of things in the freezer for my meal plan;

    good luck everyone! hippie-2.gif

    edited to correct name - apologies to peetzil :o I posted in a rush as I was missing Jean Luc Picard on the telly, and thanks loulou for picking it up :A
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    earthmotherearthmother Forumite
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    Done some shopping this morning - picked up a bit more than planned, but nothing out of the ordinary - refilled the fruit bowls and picked up a few treats and picnic bits ready for half term, found some good reductions in the Co-op that will freeze (along with two tubs of HD/B&J on offer - couldn't resist, lol), and got some washing up liquid and loo cleaner cheap in Poundstretcher.

    Total spend is now £153.94, and I can't see a reason to shop now until next Wednesday at least :D

    Edit - nearly forgot - also got some seed potatoes and a rhubarb crown from Homebase (10% day and I had an extra points voucher) - not sure whether to put them onto the grocery budget or the garden budget.
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  • First day I've been able to post since Tuesday due to the lurgy :(

    Spent just £1.50 on 2 bottles of Lemonade as that's all I wanted to drink and we don't have fizzy pop in often. Also means I have added another 2 NSD's to my total. Don't need to spend much this weekend either. Got a very small shopping list of mainly fresh items so hopefully a frugal weekend to be had.
    Merry Christmas
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