pushy Sainsbury's CC salesbeings

Call me old-fashioned, but I go to supermarkets to buy carrots, not double-glazing, credit cards or gas. ::)

The worst offenders are the pushy sods who try to flog Sainsbury's credit cards at me. They aren't even stationed at a sales point, they cruise the aisles and hassle you while you're shopping! The most recent one pounced while I was busy checking my receipt and change. I told him plainly I didn't want a credit card but he kept shoving his p*xy leaflets under my nose.

They should just get lost when told, not stand in front of me demanding justification. Not that it's any of their business, but I did once tell them I'm unemployed and can't get credit anyway. Not soooooo! they assured me, still trying to pressure me into credit that I don't want, and can't afford. A failed application looks bad on your future credit scoring, too.

I'm a big girl and stroppy enough to tell these creeps to go forth and multiply. I have to wonder how many others have been coerced into credit they don't want.

If I ever apply for a credit card, I'll do it via an MSE link, or a cashback site - it would choke me to help these !!!!!! earn commission.


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    I used to simply ask if they offered airmiles because that was the only reason that I owned a credit card - usually gets rid of them.  Now with my new Amex I can ask if they offer 2% cash-back.

    As a nation we are currently 1trillion in debt ... credit suppliers really need to get their act together and start looking at peoples ability to pay.  DW keeps getting mailings offering her those credit cards usually only issued to higher earners - she is a housewife, she doesn't work and I sure as hell don't give her £20,000+ house-keeping per year.  The government needs to get off its fat lazy !!!!!! and actually do something to curtail the amount of credit being given.

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    I had a great experience a few months ago. I had just applied for a new credit card which beat Sainsbury's CC on every count. I made the guy admit that the deal I had was better than his in every aspect! ;D

    I bet he was swearing when I left him!
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  • Tell each person that asks you if you want whatever they have that you are already a satified customer! They leave you alone then!! No hassles
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  • Having just been to Sainsbury's to purchase my lunch (I know - I should be making my own) and expeianced the said pushy CC salesbeings, I very much agree with all said here!

    Learn from the mistakes of others - you won't live long enough to make them all yourself.
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    i tell them i'm homeless, and live in my car, they look at me a bit odd, but never can think of answer to it.
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