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MSE runs the marathon…..possibly

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    I done two Londons Dan, you won't get a PB, too crowded, BUT you will enjoy the atmosphere and the camaraderie. late 80's.
    Oh yes and the smell of the crowd and each other. LOL
    Pace it, but you will know that already. Keep an eye out for my old running club, March Athletic, blue shirt, diagonal stripe.
    What time do you expect to do, usually twice your half marathon time plus 10 minutes.
    Good luck, and mind The Wall .
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    The cost of running shoes isn't prohibitive.

    The running shops I've been analysed in and I've taken my friends to, refuse to sell you the most expensive running shoes costing over £100. Instead they will try and sell you cheaper ones that are suitable for you as they want you to come back. So I've been sold shoes that cost from £40 to £65 over the years.

    The actual cost with running comes from the technical gadgets that people buy to train with. A digital watch with a timer can be got for around £15 yet people want to spent £200 on things like garmins.

    If you do any other form of socialising which doesn't involve exercising, then if you do a calculation for a year you will work out running in a group of people is actually a cheaper way to socialise.
    I'm not cynical I'm realistic :p

    (If a link I give opens pop ups I won't know I don't use windows)
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