'No More Buying Books Until I've Read the Ones I've Already Bought' Thread

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  • macma wrote: »
    my trouble is I keep books I HAVE read:think:

    Me too, but I'm going to get rid of the ones that aren't worth re-reading when I make my way through. The only problem is, I try to only buy books I think I will re-read, but maybe (if I'm lucky) there might be a few worth getting rid of? Probably not...:rotfl:
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  • macma wrote: »
    my trouble is I keep books I HAVE read:think:
    Me too!:o:o:o:o
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    I am with you on this as well. I will admit that I love a good book (not that I have a great deal of time to read lately with 2 little ones!), but books are just too dear to buy right now. I have started getting books from the library, twice now, and love the idea that there are all these books available for no charge!! It's a nice walk from our house to the library, so that's a plus as well. I did cave in January and spent £3 on 3 books at Sainsburys as they had a bunch of books for £1 each. *hanging head in shame* But I juggled my grocery expenses to cover it. I won't do it again though, as I'm trying to remain strong on this one.
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    Oh no! Would love to join you as you all sound so disciplined but books are my only luxury. I love buying them (could spend hours in a bookshop in a kind of trance - it's very theraputic...) I love reading them and I consider them part of the decoration of my house in their many bookcases. I could probably OPEN a bloomin' library :rotfl:.

    My concession to MSE is to trawl the charity shops to feed my habit. Got three brilliant old books for £1 this morning. They look a bit tatty but all part of the charm for me. God, I'm sooooo sad aren't I?
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    Ooh I will join you on this one. I did say at the start of the year that I wouldn't buy any new books but was tempted and ordered the first Twilight book from Amazon! Everyone keeps raving about them on facebook and I couldn't resist.

    I have far to many unread books to buy any new ones. Since having my little boy 3 years ago, most of my purchases have been parenting books and less fiction. I love books! I did get into book crossing a couple of years before having him and acquired lots of books through that (and got rid of some old ones) but my shelves are heaving. In fact I need to get rid of some of those I have read too, so really I just have no room for more!

    I have just finished Faith by Lesley Pearce which was very enjoyable. I only got the peace to read it as I have a chest infection and have been in bed over the weekend while my husband took our son out!

    Good luck everyone.
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  • macma wrote: »
    my trouble is I keep books I HAVE read:think:

    Me too lol.

    I am getting better and try to get rid of them when I end up with stuff I won't read. It all goes along to the charity shop maybe twice a year. I don't know why I keep them because I can't read a book twice... no matter how good I think it is I just won't do it... so why keep it :o

    Right now I'm half way through the first of 8 True Blood books... so far so good considering I've seen the first series on tv. These are the first books I've bought new for ages and my faves are stuff handed down. Last year I got a huge hold all from my Dad when he cleaned out the loft... I was in heaven.

    My biggest problem is that I'll read any old carp :o as long as I've got something to read!!

    Anyway I'm not sure I have a book buying problem so I may not fit in... but I do have a bedside table full of books that I need to get through. Should be enough to stop be buying any :rotfl:I need to say "NO" when people say "Oh heres some books I was gonna bin... thought of you first"
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    I'd love to join you, I have over 200 books on my to be read bookcases, but I justs can't stop buying books, and don't really want to. It's my release, looking round charity shops or car boots for books. It keeps my bipolar need to spend in check, if I buy six books for four quid (like I did at the weekend) then I wont go and blow a hundred on carp.

    Nonnatus, you're not sad. I prefer old books, they have more character. And it's better for the environment than buying new.

    Anyway, good luck all of you!

    ps, I'm currently reading The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy, for one of my book clubs.
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  • Ooooh can I join in too please? I have *gulps* more unread books than I can count and really want to make in roads into them both to clear a bit of space and maybe to make a few pennies on those that I don't think I'll read again.

    I've been trying to read more books than I've bought so far this year and I'm managing it just (books read 16, books bought 14 - I know, terminal case here??!) but I know that I really need to stop buying them altogether for a while.

    I'm currently reading E squared by Matt Beaumont.
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  • OOh please may I join you, I love and adore books, everything about them, the cover pictures, the blurb that draws you in with the promise of the best read of your life, I have a box (yes a box!) of unread boooks under my bed but know that my trip to Asda today will fnd me hovering by the books getting tempted again. I really really can't afford it, but they just call to me. I am trying to repress this urge by doing virtual shopping with my Amazon wish list. The trouble is I am interested in so many things, history, art, fashion, cooking, biography, cultural studies and I just love thrillers. I love programmes about books, could spend a day in Waterstones. I am currently reading "The Black Angel" by John Connelly.
  • what a GREAT thread...i am addicted to buying books :) not just for me but for my children as well...i have always thought 'you can never have enough books'. which changed when we recently moved house to a larger place and realised that in the move i had boxed 43 nappy boxes full of books! :( the shame lol!

    I sold my first one on Green Metropolis yesterday *go me* lmao!!!

    But i ALWAYS have about 4 books on the go at one time...

    i'm currently 'reading'(if picking them up scanning them and not remembering which book it is you HAVE been reading that morning,constitutes this) then :

    Nicci French-Beneath the skin, fantastic as always, psychological thriller!
    Douglas Coupland-Hey Nostradamus!, not sure about this one, but i've started so i'll finish ;P
    NLT-Touchpoints for new believers....hmmmmmm! again, a bit too preachy for me in places.
    Hoping to of finally learned my lesson...slowly but surely
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