Cancelling Bannatynes gym membership

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Gym memberships are one of those love/hate things. People love to sign up for then hate to go! I joined Bannatynes in 2006 and stayed for over 2 years until I moved out the area last year. I personally handed in my 3 months notice to expire in Jan 09. The receptionist was on the phone at the time but took the letter and I heard nothing more. After the 3 months, I cancelled my direct debit and moved away.

You can see where this is going! Of course, I started getting demands for another 3 months fees as they had no record of my cancellation. Apparently, all cancellations are followed-up with a telephone msg and a card confirming the cancellation. I pointed out that I was not even aware of this policy and it was not stated anywhere on the T&Cs. I was asked to provide proof of delivery even though I had said i hand-delivered it. Basically, every letter that I spent time writing and defending myself fell onto deaf ears as their responses did not even acknowledge things I had said.

In the end, I just stopped answering them (luckily I had not given my new address). And guess what, not heard a thing in nearly 10 months!

My point is, do not waste your time with long, cleverly-worded letters in defense as I am afraid they have significant numbers of staff with below average IQ and they are unable to work out what you are saying so they send you a standard letter that is slightly adjusted to look personalised.

Of people I have spoken to, no one knows of anyone who has been taken to court for a supposed debt to Bannatynes.

Remember, it is a service contract, not a credit agreement.
You do have rights......but you still need common sense.


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    angel.cake wrote: »
    Remember, it is a service contract, not a credit agreement.


    and for that reason, am oot
    helpful tips
    it's spelt d-e-f-i-n-i-t-e-l-y
    there - 'in or at that place'
    their - 'owned by them'
    they're - 'they are'
    it's bought not brought (i just bought my chicken a suit from that new shop for £6.34)
  • Hi Angelcake,
    Im considering joining bannatynes. Is it any good? How much is it a month (if you dont mind me asking) Ive e-mailed them but not heard back yet (dont want to phone or they will just keep harrassing me with phonecalls)
  • I went to the one at Chafford in Essex. It cost me around £58/month, but that was in 2007 so I imagine it is £60+ now. If you ring, they will tell you just don't let them have your number or contact details and if they won't tell you, ask why they won't give the information.

    I am warning you now though, you will have to give THREE months notice and you will have to sign for a minimum of 12. If you sign up after the first of the month, they will not count that month in the 12. I.e if you sign up on the 2nd March, your 12 months will start on 1st April. Cheeky I know, they did that to me when I signed on 3rd June!

    The one at Chafford was fairly big and had enough cardio equipment to not have to wait. I did not find the staff very friendly or helpful and would certainly not recommend the club after the stunt they pulled when I tried to cancel. I also had to file a complaint in their salon once when the hairdressers left bleach on my hair too long because she was on her mobile!

    My advice is, if you really want to join, ensure you get confirmation of your cancellation in writing so they have nothing to argue about.
    You do have rights......but you still need common sense.
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    My advice is go to a gym what does not want direct debit, many of the things in bannatynes you will never use like aerobics suite and other stuff if your male.
    Owed out = lots. :cool:
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    Sunshine12 wrote: »
    Hi Angelcake,
    Im considering joining bannatynes. Is it any good? How much is it a month (if you dont mind me asking) Ive e-mailed them but not heard back yet (dont want to phone or they will just keep harrassing me with phonecalls)

    I would SERIOUSLY suggest going elsewhere. I joined Banatynes - Told them i had a bad back and they said "thats fine we are trained blah blah blah"

    Anyway, they advised me to do some leg pushes (they stood with me whilst i did these)

    first time she put them too high - I tried and then stopped - Saying they were too much for me - the response was "dont be silly" so i demanded they be lowered

    After they lowered them i tried again (still difficult) told the rep that and was told to "at least try - your not trying!) So i did, and i knackered my back up even more.

    Doc wrote a note to say that he advises against me doing these kind of exercises and he has recommended me to one of the gyms the physio uses but banatynes wont let me out of the contract - apprently although i cant use the gym or classes etc i am still able to use "the facility (sauna)" so they wont let me out of it - £40 a month for a fricking SAUNA! and i'm not that far into the contract either :(
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    I have had membership issues with Bannatynes as they won't extend my membership due to genuine ill health. Their customer service had been awful. I have emailed Duncan B but not holding my breath. Happy to take your money but then you are on your own!
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    I'am a member of bannatynes in chafford hundred.
    With my wife we've got account for such a long time.
    But please be carefully when you sign in, because to cancel membership you can do it only after 9 months to be a member , and you have to give them cancellation letter - with three months notice period. And do not forget to take receipt for the letter you have drop. My son gave them cancellation letter which they lost. There is not excuse for nothing, they are only want you money to be paid!!!

    But before you sign in to bannatyne's gym, think really about what you gonna do, because it is not really good gym. Some of facilities are not clean, broken. If some thing was broken we had to wait for at least couple off months, to get bannatyne's to repair it.
    Facilities are cleaning only superficial. The worst one , i think is the sauna. So much stinks.No antibacterial lamps is well Toilets mold, of the toilet's seat has been fixed after 1.5 year, drinking water around sauna and steam 2 months...
    And the really bed think: They don't care- if you will have locker burgled and your stuff stolen!!! No even sorry from them!!!
    Nothing. my member ship card was founded after month at the back stairs... so if they clean up like that....
    At gym in chafford hundred many lockers has been burgled. All stuff gone, wallets, money, cards, bugs, trousers, trucksuits . Everything!!!

    so be very carefully before yo sign in to !!!, may be look for another gym or buy staff to exercise at home...
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    Erisar2001 wrote: »
    or buy staff to exercise at home...

    Good looking ones only :)
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