any guinea pig money saving tips?

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Hello all.
Just after some advice, quite urgent really. I've ended up with a little guinea pig. I went to the 2nd hand shops for a wardrobe-after mine caved in when I tried to move it. In the 2nd hand shop was a poor lil guinea pig, in his cage on top of a nacky old twin tub, he/she was out the back in a dark dank storage room. Anyhoo- my friend commented how her boyf wanted 1, so she duly haggled the man down to £40 for pig and 'drobe. She then rang her bloke who does not want a pet:mad: , so I 've got him.

Went and bought some food, shavings and hay for shim, gave it some carot and apple and let him chill. Have cleaned his cage today and I held him on myknee and he is literally crawling with little maggotty type things:eek: :eek: they are awful.... what can I do!!!! :confused: I cant leave him outside 'cos he lives in a plastic kind of pen/cage- not a hutch, yet. But i've got my little old lady and 2 birds to think about!!
What will get rid of the awful things?:confused: Does nit shampoo work or is it a trip to vets??:confused: Also, he/she makes a kind of vibrating noise, does this mean its happy?? All help gratefully received- i dont want the poor little thing to suffer, its already had a rough start... thankyou.
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    Are they maggots? They can get flystrike if they live in dirty cages. If they are insects they can get fleas, but not often. seems a good site also also about the chattering My guinea pigs used to start shouting wheeking if they heard a carrier bag as they wanted their veg!
  • The vibrating noise is a happy noise.

    As for the maggoty things, go to your local pet shop and see what they advise.

    Also, if you have found a guinea pig at a second hand store then i would report the shop owner as that could be classed as animal cruelty.
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    Oh yuk, poor little creature. You need to take him to the vets - the maggots themselves are actually quite harmless; in fact, they're probably saving his life by eating the dead tissue that's down there somewhere. He's almost certainly got some kind of open wound or ulcer that needs treating. The vibrating noise (kind of like a chirrupy purr) is a happy sound, so he probably knows he's in good hands now and feels safe. Best of luck!
  • they're only tiny little things- kind of maggoty looking, but no-where near as big. I crushed a few with my fingernails-like fleas and they did the cracky thing. he seems so nervous poor little thing. glad the noise is a happy one though!! going to petshop tommorow to see what they advise, going to ring vet too- dont know if the poor little pig could cope with a trip to vets, think it'd kill him!! many thanks for replies, haven't had a gpig since i was little, well, about 20yrs ago- thanks...
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  • just been on peter gurney's site- sounds like its "static lice." gonna buy some "prioderm" as he suggests and try and get the lil piggy cleaned up.

    Ps does your pig live in house or outside? At the mo, he's inside, relegated to study till critters have gone. ideally he would live in fresh air outside, but with winter coming....dunno what to do?
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  • We converted our shed for our rabbit and guinea pig. We had a high hatch/window so we could check on them, a bit down the side with chicken wire so the could get fresh air (this also had a flap to hide it at night) And we also had one of those doors where you can open the top or bottom half. Although you have to be careful incase of foxes etc.

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    i would try combing him through gently with a nit comb or fine comb to try and remove as many of the lice thingys before u use any chemical treatment, you can do that right away and get him a bit comfier pretty instantly, be very gentle and he will probably enjoy it, my mum used to stick fleas to a bar of sticky soap whrn de fleaing the dog to stop them getting away this could be usefull!
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  • I bring my "pigs in" as soon as there is likely to be any frost or its too damp or cold. They are sensitive to cold. I hav a large plastic tub on wheels which we cut 2 squares in the lid and taped wire to so that it is an "indoor cage" which is easy to clean/disinfect. I put them out in the daytime into a hutch except in realy cold weather. I have a loose dropdown plastic cover on the front of the hutch to keep out the wind.They are naturally very nervous animals but the noise is just like chattering. They love to cuddle up on your chest and are happier if you get another one to keep them company, but do check the sex of your pig first! If its a boy it is VERY obvious. I have 2 pigs who are brothers. I once had a pig and a dwarf rabbit and I would recommend NEVER to put it with a rabbit. Poor thing was bullied and lived a short life-it probably had a heart attack or something as it more or less died in my arms one day for no apparant reason. They are very social so enjoy its company and consider getting another young one to keep it company when it is recovered.
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  • I'm sorry to intervene but this is not a moneysaving subject. Get your pet to the vet asap on Monday before he suffers any further, niether you nor I or anyone who has given advice unless they are qualified veterinary professionals, is able to give advice on this matter.
  • thanks to everyone for your very helpful advice, I know no-one with a gpig, and appreciate all your experience. Going to petshop today for advice, and to buy a nit comb.
    I'm grateful for your advice, as gpig owners you obviously know what you're talking about,infact Peter Gurney said on his site that advice of an experienced handler can be sometimes more appropriate than that of a vet,where skin complaints are concerned-a skin scrape isn't always needed..... A trip to the vets would probably kill the poor little critter,he's been through so much already, that is clear to see, but thanks for your kind thoughts mentaljessie.
    PS- many, many people post here that isn't "moneysaving", its valuable advice and assistance...
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