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Bank Charges Reclaiming Guide discussion

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  • Hi guys help needed!!!!!!

    Ive moved home since starting my dispute with the bank back in 2007. I have looked high and low and i can not find my old letters that i sent and old bank statements that were went to me. I can only remeber a ball park figuire as to what i was wanting to claim. I have had a couple of charges since the complaint was sent to the bank and to go any further i need to know what my old claim amount was for. My online banking will only let me see back to 2004 so i cant even work out what the amount was. Can i send a letter back to the bank within the 8 week time frame saying that i will be taking it further and can i have my charges from 2001??? Obviously i need to do this so i can go further???? Please help!!!!!
  • natweststaffmembernatweststaffmember Forumite
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    MSE_Martin wrote: »
    Im confused about your question on the inspirational stories - as this is primarily a guide about reclaiming if you're in hardship and going to the ombudsman. We intend to publish the court guide soon - though as we will make MASSIVE in that - we have no successes yet - its new and untried.
    Apologies Martin, I assumed this was a one size fits all approach with regards to reclaiming so I may have misread the first part of the guide.

    Are you also making business customers or "micro enterprise" customers aware that they can reclaim via financial hardship as well which is part of the lending code section 9?
    I have not worked for NatWest Bank since February 2009

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  • natweststaffmembernatweststaffmember Forumite
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    MSE_Wendy wrote: »
    This is what we say in the guide Natweststaffmember, so yep, it will be reviewed, as are all our guides ;)

    "This is a new version of the guide, please help by feeding back, suggesting any changes, or ask questions on areas we may’ve missed, in the bank charges feedback discussion."

    Packaged account reclaiming is a bit different i think. It's different letters etc., but of course anyone who feels they have been missold one should complain to their bank (and then the Ombudsman if it isn't resolved).

    Wendy, I have almost all of the banks Income and expenditure forms(blank of course) which I will forward to you in about 5 minutes which as far as I am aware are still in use. Expect emails shortly and I hope you find them useful ;)
    I have not worked for NatWest Bank since February 2009

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  • Hi, I need some help here! I have a current account with RBS and also a business account with them as a sole trader. My business has been in great difficulties for a good while, and I was wondering if it was possible to claim back charges on the business account, or is it impossible because it is actually a business account? I also have been paying for insurance on a capital one credit card since being asked over the phone if I would like it, is it possible to reclaim?
  • honey2485 wrote: »
    What to write on the complaint form

    can anyone help, cant find a link for this guide!?


    You're right honey, it's not showing. This is the link and i'll go and check the guide now.
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  • Frankly I feel all this talk of "human" arguments, hardship and whether charges are proportionate is just irrelevant. Either letting people go over their limit and then charging them through the nose for it is fair, reasonable and ethical or it isn't. And it isn't. Same goes for charging for returned direct debits and standing orders.

    If someone stole 50 pounds from me, it wouldn't make any difference whether I was destitute or not, or whether I had a "human" sob story. It would be wrong and illegal either way.

    I'm not in any hardship but I intend to try and reclaim my charges from the last two years (80 pounds or so) on principle, especially since my bank is allegedly ethical. Banks should refuse to pay all direct debits, standing orders and debit card payments automatically (when funds are unavailable) and should never charge for the privilege. End of story.

    When banks realise they can't make a profit on unfair charges perhaps they will start running current accounts in a fair and transparent way.

    I guess this Ombudsman stuff isn't for me. Thank you for the continuing efforts and please let me know when the when the court guide is up.
  • I was looking at sending off for my list of charges, but unsure who to send to. I'm with Abbey/Santander and obviously reluctant to send a cheque off to the address listed in the address thread if it isn't the right one IYCWIM.

    Anybody able to find an updated address, or know whether I can just send it off to the old one?
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    I have a quick question regarding use of the financial hardship argument in relation to a claim I started last year with the bank.

    Basically, I was claiming for charges from my RBS account, which I closed in early 2008. So as these are old charges, and my financial hardship is a recent situation (having been made redundant last year), can I still use the hardship argument?

    Or does that only apply if you are claiming recent charges from your existing bank?

    Many thanks,
  • My original claim was in January 2007, I got my 8 week notification letter from the bank on January 15th and I would like to re-submit using todays rate of interest can you provide details on how I should do this?
  • I have recieved a letter from barclays saying that if I have not contacted them within 8 weeks they will close the case do I need to respond to there letter, My charges claim is currently on hold at court with them ?
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