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February 2010 Grocery Challenge

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  • Hi

    Can you put me down for £40 for February please. Have well stocked cupboards/ Freezer. Just need to buy Fruit/ Fresh Veg/ Milk etc for the two of us


  • Can I have £80 please of which I am now

    £47.87 spent so far on big Tesco shop
    Buy for value not cost.
    Feb Grocery = £55.87 / 80
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    1st spend for Feb £65.07 ( online shop with £10 voucher :D), will need bread and fresh fruit and veg still this week

    budgeting £100 a week for all household, food , milkman, toiletries, takeaways (occasional)
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    morning all,please can i be put down for feb £350.00 thankyou.
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  • Good morning all,

    well due to me using pork steaks and veg for dinner today from the freezer I will now have some space to freeze the left over lentil soup from yesterday. It will come in handy for a quick lunch at home or I will carry it to work later in the month.

    Going on an "under the stair" expedition this morning. This is where I keep my store of tins and jars and other non perishables e.g. toilet rolls, washing powder, washing up liquid etc. I have lost track of what is exactly in there, but I know I am finding it increasingly difficult to find a space for my recent purchases. Therefore I think it is about time I started to use up some of these provisions before I add any more.

    Hope everyone has a frugal day.
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  • The other day, I fancied doing some bacon to help eke out the cooked chicken but wanted a 'different' way of presenting it :o So I:-

    Cube potato into dice-sized pieces & par boil till just turning soft, then drain.
    Tip into a roasting tin & stir through chopped raw bacon & sliced onion.
    Lightly spray with oil & into a hot oven for approx 15min till turning brown, then stir it again & another light spritz of oil & back in the oven for around 5min.

    I served it with the cold meat, peas & sweetcorn & it was lafferlee :D The Offspring declared it another hit & we'll try it with grated cheese sprinkled on top next time. Hope you like it.
    The spray oil was from one of those little metal pump dispensers that are sold for dampening your hair & my own veg or sunflower oil inside it ;) so I don't have to keep paying out for 'special' oil :T
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    BigMummaF wrote: »

    I served it with the cold meat, peas & sweetcorn & it was lafferlee :D The Offspring declared it another hit & we'll try it with grated cheese sprinkled on top next time.

    I do a version of this, BigMumma - exactly the same as yours, but then I add in mushrooms and halved tomatoes for 5 minutes, then mentally divide the tin into four and break 2 eggs into each "square". Back in the oven until the eggs have set. Makes a complete meal in itself - a lower fat breakfast, really! - and is delish.

    ETA: oh, and I also sprinkle the potato-onion-bacon mixture with herbes de provence before I zhuzh it all round - makes it extra yum!
  • Hi great thread. May I join for the FEB challenge. I have been reading since January and love to hear how everyone has been doing. Not sure how to do the 'signature' though, please could someone enlighten me. Please put me down for
    £ 175. Would like to come in much less but have 2 cats on special food as 1 is a diabetic. So this is for all food, toiletries and the cat food. Many thanks.
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    LizzieBabe, if you go to the top of the page, you will see Main Site, Forum, User CP, FAQ etc. If you look to the right, you will see Quick Links. Edit Signature is in that - it is pretty straightforward to do (I managed....) :D
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    Please could I join this thread too? It woud be my first ever month, although I did keep receipts last month so have an idea what we spend (Jan was £411:eek: including alcohol). But larder, fridge and freezer are full, and we have a bit of booze in, and I will get paid less this month so I really need to make this

    £240 for February

    which I know is going to be a real stretch but it's amazing what you can do if you put your mind to it. Loving these threads for keeping the mind focused, thank you for adding me in advance :A
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