one wife, one life, and a whole lot of strife!!!!

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Ok i have read some amazing stories and now going to put my oar in too, i am a mortgage payer off fanatic, ok so i havent got the biggest mortgage and being on a tracker 0.55% above base rate its now or never to add every penny to it.

Other better half is Mrs MSMD and she has her own house, some (i cant even bear to peak) interest rate fixed for 5 years so no point looking she has it rented out and she is almost cutting even, 2.1/2 years to go on that mortgage then i will start to advise on what she does next, anyway back to my castle with just a little over 32k left to pay on it i am (and have been since interest rate went so low) paying as much as i can into it without leaving me and the wife short, we have stopped the nightly one bottle of wine leading to a poss two every other night and now partake in however much we like (2 bottles max) on a sat night, funny tastes so much nicer when you are not topping up every night, anyway my monthly payments are at 185 a month and my average toppy up for month totalling to 300-400ish its taking it down, i have yet to do an actual end date and have done the whatsitcost and egg etc and think poss 6-7-8 years!

Anyway lots of inspiration on here i am the usual quidcoer, topcashback etc done some daily clicks in my time just yet to get someone to explain the matched betting to me and who knows!, anyway i join you all in my quest, the life has not been taken to the other side yet although she has certainly cut down in her habits of spending that left me rather ill, ... case study Mrs MSMD gets up in the morning announcing over breakfast table she is going into town to buy a new camera, i ask why is the other broken to which she replies no i just want a new one and my shallow breathing as she produces her rather pink camera over the dinner table later (even the wine didnt help much) a new camera which cost a lovely £250.00, anyway those days are long gone and thankfully she is very good with money hence the reason ive left her and her house on back burner until i deal with mine, i am rambling now complete irrelevance so i shall sign off by saying if anyone is into writing short stories about crime then alibi are looking for their next Stuart Macbride, good luck!


  • Sorry should have added that the comp is on alibi website and has to be 2000-5000 words great weekend away all expenses for winner!
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    ....ok so i havent got the biggest mortgage and being on a tracker 0.55% above base rate its now or never to add every penny to it.

    It is much better to save the money, preferrably in ISA's rather than OP your mortgage, given that your mtg interest rate is so low.

    Should your mortgage rate increase, move the money saved into the mortgage.
    In case you hadn't already worked it out - the entire global financial system is predicated on the assumption that you're an idiot:cool:
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    Mortgage-free Glee!

    and Good Luck with your MF journey.

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    Good luck OP. are you just aiming to clear your mortgage or are you aiming to clear the mortgage your wife has too??
    MF aim 10th December 2020 :j:eek:
    MFW 2012 no86 OP 0/2000 :D
  • hi lilac yes deal with mine and then start to help out Mrs MSMD with her mortgage!
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    Not quite sure how you work money in your relationship but if Mrs MSMD is allowed to overpay on her deal and the interest rate is higher than what you could expect to gain in an ISA would it make sense to attack that first MSMD?

    I'm thinking at it from my situation which is mortgage at 6.3% OP of 10% per year allowed. OH has debt but current 5.9% LOB so spare cash getting flung into the mortgage however come 1st June fixed ends and rate reverts to 3.3% so all spare cash will be put to the money he had on C Card.
    MF aim 10th December 2020 :j:eek:
    MFW 2012 no86 OP 0/2000 :D
  • You have a point Lilac i was assuming she couldnt make op's to her mortgage i will sit down with her and look through paperwork and reschedule i was looking over isa's, saving accounts etc so that is an alternative as you say getting highest paying down, mine is 1.05% at the moment and just approx 32k nothing compared to her 145,000 thanks will investigate this further!
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