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January 2010 Grocery Challenge

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  • :)
    poohbear59 wrote: »
    Thanks for the idea but I forgot to say they don't eat cakes either.:o I make my own jam too, don't know why!
    I used to keep all those sorts of things in my store, but it has been moved and I have been waiting for 6 months for a roof to be put on the new one. Everything is now packed into the kitchen and far too easily accessible to my family.:(

    BigMumma I think I remember making something like that at school, long time ago. They were a rock bun mix without the fruit and a spoonful of jam in the middle? I might try one batch of them and see how they go down.

    Keiss Jam tarts it may have to be. I know DS2 and 3 will eat them.

    I vaguely remember a tart that has a pastry base with jam and then an almond mix on top. Might have a look for that too.

    I have managed to spend nothing since last Friday but DH and I are going into town soon and we have about five things on the shopping list. Must try to keep to it which is really difficult with DH helping.

    jammy buns my dhs favourite, and they can be frozen to.
    8oz sr flour,pinchof salt and a pince of mix spice,2oz marg,2oz sugar, 1 beaten egg, 2 tablespoons milk, 2 tablesps jam, sugar for dusting after.
    I find putting the jam in the middle the fiddly bit. As they are DHs fav and hes not had them for a few weeks I thinkI will go and do some later.
    Tea tonight use up loeft over pesto, something pasta fied I think and slo cooker rice pud.
    Brodie 1:)
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    Had to buy some milk locally this morning at £1.40 for 4 pints. I can get it for 95p at Aldi :mad: but OH had finished off the last of the bottle last night and I had a client coming this morning. When I found out there was no milk, I didnt have time to go to Aldi (would normally walk there but as it's three miles each way, seemed too far to do in less than an hour!)

    But that seems to be all Im spending this week. Dont really need anything else. Takes my monthly spend to £55.02, so not too bad I guess. However, not posting monthly total just yet as you never know, I might find I have run out of something else!

    So put me down for the same next month £200, as I dont think these loads of NSDs are going to last somehow.

    Sealed pot challenge no 889: £143.96 saved :j
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    NSD Jan 18/30; Feb 20/27
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  • Hi,

    I'm fairly new to MSE, but am loving all the great ideas. I would really like to join this challenge starting in February, I have saved all my receipts from January and was a bit shocked to see that I spent £148 on groceries, am very guilty of the 'pop to the shop for milk' and end up spending £40! So, could I .................

    join the February challenge with a budget of £100.

    Many thanks
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    brodie1 wrote: »
    jammy buns my dhs favourite, and they can be frozen to.
    8oz sr flour,pinchof salt and a pince of mix spice,2oz marg,2oz sugar, 1 beaten egg, 2 tablespoons milk, 2 tablesps jam, sugar for dusting after.

    Jammy buns recipe in the front page list, thanks brodie ;)
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    poohbear59 wrote: »
    I have managed a staggering 4 NSDs so I am feeling pleased with myself.

    I have a query. What can I do with seven opened jars of jam? We had 14 jars of jam in the fridge when I cleaned out today.

    My family don't eat jam on toast or in sandwiches, don't eat puddings except on Sundays. I have put some in a marinade for pork chops, made jam tarts but now I am stumped. Can you help me please?

    We have a few jars of home-made jam that didn't set as well as usual. We mix with a little stewed apple and serve on top of creamy natural yoghurt. It makes a delicious dessert. You could even just use the jam on its own. Alternatively, make a quick stove-top rice pudding and dollop some jam onto that - all on Sunday pudding days of course:D

    Jam goes well as a kind of cranberry jelly with meats too
  • Hi,
    Just remembered we were meant to put out totals in red!!! Sorry - my budget for Feb is £411.67 :D

    Peetzil x
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    O/D £3000:eek:
  • Well I have failed. I knew I was getting very close to my target but ended up spending another £33 odd today. This month seems to be going on for ever! I did need a few things and would probably stil be slightly over with just those things but ended up buying a few extras whilst I was at Mr T's because otherwise I would have to go again Monday after work.

    I am trying to console / reason with myself that it's not really that bad as I know a few weeks ago I bought some plates and a new steamer which I included in my spends and if I took these out I would probably be ok. Also OH & I get paid on the last day of the month so presumed that this month we wouldn't get paid till Monday but it may actually be Friday and the shopping that I bought today could probably have waited till then. But then I thought Stop making excuses, accept that you have failed and hopefully February will be a better and easier month.

    Sorry for the ramble and Mrs M, (hello to you) could I please try again for £450 for February, thanks.
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    Just been to Marx and bought 2 lamb shoulder joints and a gammon joint for £10 which is a reasonable saving on what they would normally cost. My total spend has crept up - but I'm still well under my generous budget. I'm going to leave it where it is for now though, because there will come a point where I need to stock up, and psychologically I need to know I can if I need to!

    I think the only thing left for me this month is the milk direct debit which will go out on Friday.
  • That's a sensible idea I forget exists... I don't live near a big store so do frequent small shops. Really need to start adding up what I spend..
  • welshkazwelshkaz Forumite
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    well just done a shop at iceland and spent 39 pound so this takes me up to my target budget im well impressed as its pay day tomorrow and we have definetely stopped being wasteful with food my freezer is nearly full im due to do my monthly shop at asda for tins etc but still a fair bit in pantry i bet ive saved at least £150 this month so definetely on for february .. good luck all with your sums hope you all spent what you wanted this month x
    may groc challenge £167/£280...
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