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Please note that from Monday 21 August 2006 there will be a number of bus changes within Dunfermline, some affecting the Eastern Expansion, which has, until recently, been poorly served since they took off the Yellow Taxibus.

Now, instead of having to pay £1.10 to get a bus that connects with the Edinburgh services and then paying for that, you will be able to get a direct bus in the morning. If you work Monday to Friday you can get an Edinburgh Megarider for £18. For those who work different hours you can a 10-day pass for £22. Much cheaper than First Scotrail and you'll be able to get a seat in the rush hour!!

The Eastern Expansion will also now be served by a D7, which has been extended to cover the Ferrytoll Park and Ride aswell as the Halbeath Leisure Park and other areas. The X57 has been re-routed to cover Dunlin Drive, Greenshank Drive, Tesco, The Paddock and the road past the Crematorium.

Further details can be found on: http://www.stagecoachbus.com/fife/serviceinformation_1914.html

Please utilise these services to show Stagecoach that buses are needed in this area. We don't all have cars, despite what some local councillors think.

Also, the D3/D4 has extended frequency, including regular detours to Tesco and also regular low level buses for parents wih prams/buggies. Also, if you are going into Dunfermline from the Eastern Expansion don't get a single (£1.10) there and the same back. Ask for a return, which will cost £2.10 and you will save 10p. Every little bit helps.


  • Just an update for any residents of Dunfermline and its Eastern Expansion (DEX).

    The new buses are running well, although some drivers still don't know where they're going (so, no change there!)

    I actually managed to get from my house in the DEX to Edinburgh and back in exactly 2 hours! Admittedly I only popped into work to get my diary but it's good to know that there is now a decent bus service on Sundays (I believe the trains still run every 2 hours on a Sunday!!). In fact, from Edinburgh to the Ferrytoll Park and Ride there is a bus every 15 minutes (55, X59 and/or X60).

    That's all for now bus fans!!
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