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Onepoll Cashback have deleted my account.

I had earned almost £70 of validated cashback, and was quite looking forward to a little bonus in December. I signed on successfully yesterday morning, to check on the status of a missing payment from LoveFilm, and while on changed my password. I then tried to log on later in the afternoon, and I cannot navigate to any page at all, it just says Account Deleted.

Can't even access the contact us page to enquire as to why this has happened. I feel totally gutted now, and have no idea who to contact.

Has anything similar happened to anyone else, and if anyone else is registered, please can they let me know the customer services email so I can get in touch?



  • Tel: +44 (0)117 9066 555
    Email: info

    have not had any experience of them but read a few good reviews. The contact details are above if that's any help. Maybe just a technical glitch
  • Amistoso wrote: »
    Tel: +44 (0)117 9066 555
    Email: info

    have not had any experience of them but read a few good reviews. The contact details are above if that's any help. Maybe just a technical glitch

    Thanks, fingers crossed it is just a mistake on their part, or a coupla people are getting bumped off the Christmas list!
  • Oops, spoke to soon, emails sent to [EMAIL=""][email protected][/EMAIL] just bounce straight back. Will try their customer services number when the boss heads home!
  • don't copy and paste that link, type it in, I've just sent a blank e-mail and it hasn't bounced back

    Scrap that, just bounced!!!!
  • have you used the account in the last 6 months as they say if not they deactivate your account!!
  • I've only been registered for a month or maybe two, and have been using it regularly.

    Just spoke to a very friendly young man on the number you gave me, he took my email address and phone number and said he would look into it and ring me back.
  • they never got back to me, but today i received an email with a special vip code from [EMAIL=""][email protected][/EMAIL], so decided to send an email to [EMAIL=""][email protected][/EMAIL] to see if it works. hasn't bounced back in the past 10 mins, so here's hoping!

    I registered for my one poll account around August of last year. On the morning of 28/10 I successfully logged on to track the status of cashback due from registering for LoveFilm, however, later on that afternoon when I tried to log on, I could not navigate to any page, and all I got was "Account Deleted".

    I called on the afternoon of 29/10 to explain what had happened, and ask that it was looked into, the gentleman (Olly if I recall correctly) I spoke to took my telephone number and said he would call me back. I have never received a phone call. With one thing and another, moving house, Christmas, it had totally left my mind. However, having received this email today, I decided to contact yourselves again.

    How exactly should I earn my £25 cashback for spending £10 when you have deleted my account with no explanation?

    I would appreciate a full explanation at your earliest convenience, and also, how you plan to reimburse me the over £50 worth of validated cashback I had earned.

    Kind Regards
    Ellie Bell

    i doubt if anything will come of it but it's worth a shot, right?! anyone who does have a onepoll account, could you please copy and paste the T&C with regards to membership?
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    Registering with OnePoll/Creating an Account & Creation of a ContractTo become a Member and to participate in the Surveys, you must create an Account. You can do this by completing the online registration form found at on the Website. Accounts are non-transferable and only one Account may be held per person. The OnePoll registration form requires you to enter personal details, including without limitation your name, email address and telephone number. By entering your personal details and completing the Surveys, you warrant that the information you provide to us is true, accurate, current and complete at the time of registration. You agree that you will update your information if any changes occur and confirm that you accept our Privacy Policy which can be found at offer of OnePoll' to provide the Surveys and your completion of the Surveys shall create a legally binding contract between us. However, there is no obligation upon you to participate in any Surveys and there is no obligation upon us to provide Surveys and/or Credits, Prizes or Incentives.You warrant that you are aged 16 or over. If you are under 16 you warrant that you have parent or legal guardian consent to use the Website and/or create an Account and participate in the Surveys. OnePoll reserves the right to request written confirmation (or such other confirmation as OnePoll deem fit) from your parent or legal guardian of their consent to your use of the Website and/or create an Account and participate in the Surveys. If such confirmation is not provided in a form satisfactory to OnePoll your Account may be immediately terminated. Note, Subscribers under the age of 18 may not be eligible for participation into some Surveys. OnePoll may, at the point of registration or any time thereafter, require proof of identity of a Member. Failure to provide the required proof of identity shall result in the Account being immediately terminated by OnePoll.The email address you provide must be personal to you and must not be shared with a third party. You shall not register to the Website more than once to create an Account.You agree that you shall only use the Website in accordance with these Terms and Conditions and all applicable laws.If you submit any comments on any Survey or the Website or our services we are entitled but not obliged to publish those comments. If we do publish such comments on the Website we will identify you by name and location in relation to those comments.You will at all times and on demand fully indemnify us and keep us fully indemnified from and against any claims (threatened or made against us) or loss arising as a direct or indirect result of your non-compliance with these Terms and Conditions.
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    Credits and IncentivesWhen you complete a Survey in full, you may be entitled to claim such Incentive (if any) as is stated on the Website in connection with the relevant Survey. Incentives may be in the form of a Credit, the opportunity to win a Prize via a prize draw, or both (as OnePoll shall determine acting in its sole discretion). For the avoidance of doubt, there is no obligation on OnePoll to provide any Incentive in relation to any Survey.Any Credit earned by you will be recorded on your Account. No Credit may be redeemed until the total level of Credit accrued on your Account reaches the Fulfilment Level.Within a reasonable time of reaching the Fulfilment Level, OnePoll will issue a cheque for the appropriate amount of Credit, addressed and posted to the current contact name and address provided by you. OnePoll will not be liable for the inability of any Member to redeem a Credit cheque that results from inaccuracies in personal data provided by that Member upon registering and/or by subsequent updates.You shall not be eligible to receive a Credit or other Incentive until you have fulfilled the full participation requirements of the relevant Survey, as notified to you via the Website upon entering the relevant Survey. Where non-monetary Incentives are offered, no cash alternative is available.
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  • thanks, is that from the onepollcashback site though? sorry, that seems to be for the survey site?
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