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  • That's ok - can you tell that I answer "why have you taxed me that much" all day in my job ? ;)
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    SM- how much were you expecting P to be paid? How many hours did he do? Would it definitely all be paid in this wage or could it be split with the next one?
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  • Happy Birthday Izzy. :bdaycake: I can't believe she's 1 already! Izzy is the baby I remember being born which pushed Rmac and myself up to the top of the EDD list. :eek: I'm sure it wasn't a year ago! (Beautiful photos on FB btw!).

    • running groups dealing with a specific health aspect, such as giving up smoking, and supporting self-help or special needs groups, such as working parents
    Maybe Sami is right - maybe it is down to the quality of the HV support?

    I think Sami is right, as always! :p

    Back to the hv's. I know it was a while ago, but i've not had a chance to post since yesterday morning. The bit in bold made me :rotfl:and :mad:. When DS was just over one, he was referred to the child development people as that was when his development was first questioned. A couple of weeks later I took him to baby clinic to be weighed. HV looked suprised to see us and said 'oh, we don't really deal with special needs!'. :confused: I never went again.

    And Feelies post yesterday made me :mad:. There is a case of a person actually asking their HV for help and being totally ignored, while there are hv's around with nothing better to do than go and have a nosy at peoples new houses.

    I've been up this morning to the local Dr's to get forms to transfer to them. My 4th HV has got to be a goodun after 3 useless ones - hasn't she? :confused:
    3- if you're around, have fun at the attestation tonight and I hope you've sorted your dress dilemma.

    Thanks GISI. It was lovely - but long and boring. As well as swearing in the new recruits, there was a ton of commendations/retirements/long service awards to give out. He looked very lovely in uniform - can't wait til he gets home Friday. ;)
    Official photo was good, and I got a couple of good photos where I don't look like a nutter - but I don't really want to post them on F/b.

    jillie1974 wrote: »
    so with BLW its basically give baby a piece if fruit, veg or meat and see what they do with it?

    and if we do 'mummy weaning' its feed a bit of everything pureed and see how you get on

    Or you could try 3 style weaning. Be very relaxed and laid back about it. Don't listen to guidlines and do whats right for your baby.

    V was given a combination of mushy food and finger foods - dependant on what we or the bigger children were having for tea. If it was something mushy we helped with a spoon, otherwise she's left to get on with it and it's been fine so far.

    I can't think of anything we've had that V wasn't able to have. Mum was here babysitting last night and gave them tea which i'd made in the SC. (Mild) Chicken curry with rice. Mum said babies can't have curry! Why? Its definately one of her favorites.

    And finally dummies i'm with Mel. Why should anyone be made to feel guilty for using one?
    Mine have all had them. DS preferred to roll his through his thumb and forefinger :confused: like a comfort thing. So no problem with getting it off him.
    DD1 was more attached to hers and I thought it would be hell to get it off her (just after she was 2). We left it out for Santa to take for the new babies and she was absouletly fine with it.
    DD2 has hers occasionally. As a baby it was something to pacify her while I got a cuppa and comfy for a feed. Now she has it for bed, but has a little 5 minute suck then throws it out of the cot and goes to sleep without it. So as long as its not stuck in her mouth 24 hours a day, I don't think it will be a problem.

    My pet hate though is seeing 3 or even 4 year olds walking around with a dummy hanging out of a slobbery mouth - which you do see a lot of.

    After that mega post - what's everyone up to today?

    Yesterday was my first day of not being in work, and the bigger two being in school. But, DS's school phoned for me to collect him at 1 as the council had warned of more bad weather, so the transport wouldn't be bringing them home. (The bad weather didn't arrive!)

    They're both in school today, all day hopefully, so I'm doing absolutely nothing :D apart from sitting on my backside and playing.
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    morning all! quick post as Finn is fussing on his playmay and will kick off any second.

    happy birthday to Izzy! hope we get to see some photos of the celebration :D

    not sure what's on the books chez moi today...I've been saying I'm going to bake bread for the past 4 days but things keep happening. All depends on what FInn has to say about that! :p
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    jax66 wrote: »
    Hi there, my niece is expecting valentines day, i'm making up a bag for the hospital as a gift. It has been over 20 years since i had a baby and i haven't a clue what to put in it. Do they still supply formula, nappies etc or do you take that in with you. Can you buy tablets to take the milk away. Any advice and suggestions would be gratefully appreciated. Ps if all goes well how long are you normally in hospital for.

    Hi Jax,

    I think that if it's her first, she might be in for 2 nights, but theoretically she could be out 12 hours after giving birth. I ended up in for 4 days though.
    Does she know you are making the bag as a gift? If not, it is likely she will have organised everything for her hospital bag already as there are lists everywhere advising what to take! My hospital did supply nappies and ready made formula (although breastfeeding is heavily encouraged).

    If she knows you are making up a bag, I would say maybe some mini toiletries, vaseline for dry lips, handcream, socks/new slippers, vests/babyrows for baby, a magazine, maternity pads etc.

    Not sure if this is much help!
  • One last question before we go out - Izzy's room leader at nursery is about to go on maternity leave, and I want to make her a card with Izzy, but I'm not sure what to do. We normally leave the messy play to her! I'm contemplating getting some poster paints and doing some hand prints or something, but any other ideas?
    :heart:Isabella Molly born 14th January 2009:heart:
    New challenge for 2011 - saving up vouchers to pay for Chistmas!
    Amazon £48.61 Luncheon Vouchers £24
  • just a little lady :D ...

    he was expecting about £120 but they get comission as well being down £20 ish would could be explained by it bein split but what about the comission x
    :)Still searching .....:)
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    GISI - you asked me about KIT days yesterday. I had initially thought about them, but not sure it's worth my while. I get 6 months full pay, so not really any financial reason to do them during that time. I thought I would care about work and want to keep in the loop, but I still meet up with people, and the guy who is doing my job whilst I am off sends me regular texts and e-mails keeping me up to date (and having a moan about stuff and wondering why he took my thankless job on!! ha ha). I feel I am in no rush to go back and am much more maternal than I would have thought and would love to be a SAHM for a couple of years (but no chance of that!).

    On this subject, would anyone mind posting how much they pay for childcare for a full day? I know it will vary in different areas and the type of care and what's included, but everyone I know here uses family so I have very little idea of costs. I need to see if I can afford to go part time.

    Also, I have never had benefits before and I think I might get WTC but nothing else. Is there an optimum amount of hours that you should work when part time or does it have little effect on the amount of TC you get e.g. is there any benefits benefit of working 16 hours rather than 21 or is it solely my salary that would be make the difference to my finances? I earn a reasonable wage.

    Sorry for all the questions. Feel free to ignore, but any advice would be appreciated. Off to get ready now so will catch up later. x
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    :rolleyes: Why, when I say I'm free on Wednesdays, does my colleague txt me this morning and ask if I'm free to meet up today (to talk about the possible new job, so it is a conversation I do want to have asap)?! :cool:
  • Fitz- our nursery was £30 a day including three meals if needed, but not including bottles/nappies/wipes etc.

    Have you tried entitled too?, or the online tax credits calculator?.

    You need to work 16 hrs pw minimum, and I think you get a bonus on tax credits for working over 30 hours.

    Because of OH chaning his job to a much better paid one, and my job being part-time and term-time - it worked out for us that we'd be over the tax credits limit and my wage would be paying for nursery - which is why for the moment i'm lucky enough to be a sahm.
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