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January 2010 Grocery Challenge

edited 28 December 2009 at 10:52PM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • Spent £66.46 today at Mr T's which included £12 on 2 feather pilows that were half price but am not really feeling very pleased with myself. I had spent nearly £60 which meant I could have used one FF voucher of £5 but then put other bits and bobs in the trolley, thinking "oh well, I may as well make it to £75 now so that I can use a £2.50 one as well." I then somehow miscaluated it and I was a few pounds short of this at the till, so quickly went & grabbed another Comfort conditioner (on top of the one I had already purchased!)just to get it over £75! Thing is the Fabric wasn't even on offer and there would have been better things I could have purchased to get it over the amount. Even the pillows which I think we needed & also were a good price, OH thinks as unnecessary as he is Quite happy with his old, yellow & lumpy pillow!
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    I use only asda smart price dishwashing tablets. I also find that half a tablet works fine. I think they are about £1.70 a pack!
  • Went to Sainsburys on my way home for some pitta breads and they didn't have any, so ended up getting some wraps instead. Bought some of their cheapy toilet rolls to try, so will see what they're like...worth a try for 44p! £1.18 in total; wraps were on offer but still twice the price of pittas.

    The wraps are for lunches as I made some soup yesterday, but it tasted really raw (I did it in my slow cooker, but don't think I left it long enough) I tried to rescue it with some chilli flakes and cumin and it wasn't any better, but after leaving it overnight, it does taste ok today! Will take that for lunch instead and hope it's ok...I couldn't throw it away :p

    Do need some washing up liquid, so will need to stop for that sometime this week, but apart from that I have everything I need. Slowly making space in my freezer for some chicken my sister has had for me for ages, so i'll go and collect them next week and have a chicken filled meal plan!
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    Managed to get to work today, though the driving was scary! We finished early so I went to the village shop on the way home and bought some more milk - another £1.68 added to my total and have updated my sig.

    We had a roast chicken yesterday which said 'serves 2-3'. Well DH and I had a good helping of the roast and today I took the rest of the meat off and made a chicken and broccoli bake for this evening which we had with jacket potatoes and sweetcorn and a chicken with rice and cheese ready for tomorrow evening. The bones have gone in the slow cooker to make stock - so that's the chicken well and truly rubberised!

    I also made semolina pudding which we had with some chocolate sauce which was left over from Christmas 2008(!) and which was lurking at the bottom of the freezer. It was scrummy - but this cold weather is not doing my waistline any favours! Feeling nice and toastie now though!

    Hope you are all keeping safe and warm too.

  • RuthGRuthG Forumite
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    Second NSD for me this week :D

    Sealed pot challenge no 889: £143.96 saved :j
    DayDream fund: £931.82 :j
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  • Becky_2Becky_2 Forumite
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    Hi Ceebeeby,

    Tomorrow I will be eating my favourite leftover dish and I thought about sharing it with you in case this would suit your family.

    I will be making my own pizza but on naan bread instead. Perhaps you could use your fajita wraps. Put a thin layer of tomato sauce as a base (I use passata) and then add whatever you have at home and then finish with cheese and oregano on top and then warm in the oven until the cheese has melted. Looking at your ingridents perhaps you could use onions & turkey or ham and then a vegetarian option for yourself. Serve with a huge salad.

    On my naan bread for 2 adults, I will be using 4 slices of mortadella (which urgently needs to be eaten), frozen mushrooms, a tin o pineapple, peppers and leek. I stock up on naan bread when they are reduced and then freeze them.

    Good luck with your meal planning.

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  • been to mrt's tonight and spent £20, bought gammon £8 will do quite a few meals including quiche, gammon and leek pasties, gave in and bought the kids a pizza, not been buying any ready meals, steak mince that will do 3 meals in one form or another,
    has any one done a gammon in the slow cooker - how do i do it?
    skintbint x
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    12k in 2012 - £204.00 @ 4/1/12

    do not confuse me with the other skintbint who joined dec2011 - i am the original bint:rotfl:
  • TheBeesTheBees Forumite
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    Evening everyone -

    Moniker - please could we have the recipe for the chicken and broccoli bake? It sounds lovely and I have some chicken I was going to put in a pie.

    Tonight's tea was whoopsied sausages, some leftover mash from the freezer which I turned into fried potato, baked beans and a packet of super noodles!! Not very healthy but!:rotfl:I also made a favourite pudding of mine from my school days. Does anyone remember "Fudge Tart"? It was a pastry base with a thick, creamy filling and grated chocolate on top. Well I found the recipe on a school recipe website and it was just as I remembered it.:j

    NSD for me as we were back to school but I will need a couple things tomorrow to keep us going til the end of the week.

    Heavy snow forecast here tomorrow afternoon. I love the snow but my son has an exam on Thursday so hope he can get to school.
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  • iloveteailovetea Forumite
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    Hello:hello:.Doing quite well,for me anyway!
    Spent £18.99. This includes £9= for fruit and veg(willlast wellover a week). 2 large loaves and 8 pints of milk. Don't have any reasonable shops here ,just the c00p. Bargains are few and far between and whoopsies unheard of. At least this weather stops me going out and spending :j
    ilovetea x
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  • jtb2412jtb2412 Forumite
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    Just a small spend here today, £2.50 on some milk.

    Nice to see everyone is on track. I'll second the request for the chicken and brocolli bake !
    :jWeight loss to date 1st 11.5lb :j
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