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  • Simon Cowell is a businessman, and in my view hasn't contributed anything "educational" other than cheap X Factor thrills (Apologies to X factor fans). Whereas, Martin's Money Saving tips has provided really useful tips, guidance, education that otherwise would have been a nightmare to seek. I have been working with education authorities on developing a personal economic programme to be taught at schools that would teach children dealing with money/debts etc. You will always get pessimists in the media that have something to grind about. Keep the good work up Martin!
  • Someone always has to moan about something! Keep up the fantastic work Martin, wherever it takes you . . .
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    Could have been worse Martin, imagine what Charlie Booker would have written ;)
    .................:)....I'm smiling because I have no idea what's going on ...:)
  • "after all, Lewis is not just any “financial journalist”, he is GMTV’s financial journalist"

    Other than the obvious take from the adverts is it just me, or as it's coming from a journalist at the Guardian does that sound awfully like someone who shops at M&S because they can't afford Harrods but want to seem rich, having a pop at people who shop at Tesco because they nipped into Harvey Nichols for a treat?
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    Hehe! I did actually see Martin make his 'shock' appearance on Breakfast and I have to say my over-riding thought at the time was 'oh bless! He looks so pale and poorly still!'. The 'real' significance of the event didn't actually occur to me! :eek:

    Loved the scarf though Martin, the overall look really suited you :cool:
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    Just read your comment on the article, A well written response if ever I read one!!! Ive got to be honest and say that I/we can see the bigger picture and think that the author of the article must've been struggling to find anything to critiscise you about, It actually made me quite annoyed, I thought most journalists did a little more research than he/she has. Just showed him/herself up. Thats probably a prime example of how the press thinks we should be as biased as they are?! Right down to what TV channel we should 'expect' experts to appear on!! Oh and for the record I think all financial education should be welcomed from as young an age as possible, and you are so much more personable than Simon Cowell!!! hahaha ;-) xx
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    Very poor Journalistic research on the part of the Guardian. Plenty of self employed people work for more than one organisation anyway. Was the journalist insinuating that this may be a conflict of interest on Martin's part, or that people who watch the BBC need different advice on money matters than those who watch GMTV?
    Schools should be teaching money matters (along with proper Home Economics; but that's another subject!)
    Keep up the good work Martin.
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