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I've just done the rounds of the opticians to see what was available in their January sales. I needed a quote for some top-of-the-range glasses since my eyesight is getting pretty poor these days. The best deal was from Specsavers where everyone over the age of 65 can get 25% off. They don't seem to advertise it very well but the discount applies every day except Saturday. I saved myself over £100.



  • Hi cheap glasses-- -- go to glassesdirect, on the web, prescription glasses start from just £15, my son wanted a spare pair for driving. filled in form, glasses came back perfect. the frames are a bit cheap, but what can you expect. He is now sending off for a £25 set, 2 pairs for £40, can't be beat. Just make sure you include the measurments for the bridge, use your old glasses as a sample.
  • I think we shouldn`t get to carried away here,if you have a "normal" prescription ok ,but if you have complex lenses like me,the cheapest is about £400 they never tell you that do they. you get a voucher for £15
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  • Tam Durkin, There is an optical laboratory in Cambuslang who could do you much better deal.there web site is not up to date but my wife got varifocals at just over £100.All you need to do is get your eyes tested and then take or send prescription to Vision Optics.I got to know about them via a relative.
    Val :)
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