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    bumpybecky wrote:
    before posting check the date - mercman posted in July 2005 - his baby will be crawling around pulling the cats tail by now and quite big enough to fight off the cat :)
    :rotfl: didn't see the date of op, sorry. :o Only excuse didn't have my glasses on:rotfl: :rotfl:
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    I was also told this or read it somewhere when preg with 1st ds. At the time we lived with in-laws who had a rather spoilt kitten, she was allowed anywhere in the house until I fell preg. At about 25 wks I started shutting her out of our part of the house so she knew she was not allowed in. My SIL & MIL thought I was being cruel until explained that she could jump on baby and suffocate him. They both laughed at me:eek: as SIL said she'd never heard of a cat killing a baby. However when ds was born was forever having to move the cat away and at one point she scratched my ds (when MIL allowed her to sit by ds in bouncer after me telling her not to):mad:

    When my OH was a baby, his mum lived in shared accomodation and one of the cats jumped in his cot and settled down nicely on his face, lucky for him his mum came into the room and swiftly removed the cat. All animals are different and some will seek a warm object to settle down on, just exercise caution and use common sense. By the way, i'm not sure if it connected, but he hates cats with a passion, was wondering if he remembered that cat when he was a baby??
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