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I'm getting married next May at Strathblane on the outskirts of Glasgow. We're starting to look at wedding music for the evening reception. Can anyone recommend a band or disco? Looking at both options for the night. We don't want traditional music for ceilidh dancing - not lots of room in area where the dancing is. Any ideas? Would hate to book a band or disco without some recommendation. thanks!
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    I used this band...

    They were fantastic!!! Seemed pricey at the time, but lovely guys, fab music and everyone commented on just how great the were. They were very professional.

    I had mix of ceilidh and modern, but they will play to your request..i.e modern only.

    I say people remember a good wedding because of a good reception/evening band.

  • We used these guys

    There were brill, guests thoroughly enjoyed themselves. We were not looking for people that could sing well, we were mainly looking for people that could banter with the crowd and get them involved. They didn't stop the whole night, if you contact them they can send out their DVD. The DVD doesn't do them much justice but they will meet up with you (one of them will) and discuss your requirements right down to colour flashing, special effects and songs that you want. They can do all the traditional scottish songs as well and they guide everyone through it so at least some may know what they are doing. I must say that they sing along to music and there singing is good but their entertainment is brilliant. They did cost a bomb. If i remember right they were £1185 for a Friday night back in June but that was for all their special effects. Our venue never let anyone use the effects before and people have been trying for years but they talked them round with no problems. A guest of ours has been doing discos for years and they said that was the best entertainers they had seen yet. If you are having a buffet in during the night they can also have a bloke that does a swing set, you are looking at an extra couple hundred but if you like that sort of thing then its apparantly great.

    As a whole we were delighted with them. We like a bit of fun so for our first dance we wanted something funny played right before our first dance, after a bit of discussion we told them to play Nellie The Elephant, which they did brilliantly and for a minute people actually thought this was our first dance song.
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    A ceilidh wasn't my idea of a good time either, but my s-i-l had one at her wedding for the first half of the evening, and it got people out of their seats,kept them away from the drink for a bit (remembering they've been toasting all afternoon!:beer: ) and it was a great laugh. They went through each dance first because lots of guests weren't local- Luxemburgish,Canadian Irish, Italian and English.Everyone loved it and joined in! The ceilidh band then did the disco for the second half,and had asked beforehand what the couple wanted them to bring, but played a few dances in between too.Young blokes,black shirts and kilts, sorry I don't know their name.:o

    The wedding we were at a few weeks later had a band who did what is usual- sing a few songs to let people get on with the drinking in peace, then crank it up for a boogie after the buffet once everyone's drunk!!

    I'd vote for the first option anyday! If you're paying big money for a band you want to get the most out of them for your money.
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    p.s. The bride also had a piper, which at first, I admit I thought was a bit over-tartan, but it was brilliant-he piped her all the way from our room(she was using our suite for hairdressing) to the place where they were getting married in the hotel (Dalmahoy ourside Edinburgh) then out again, and we didn't see him but he was awaiting guests at the front door of the hotel to pipe them in. Sent a good few shivers up my spine, and the photos with him in are great! (Full bearskin and plaid etc)
    Member of the first Mortgage Free in 3 challenge, no.19
    Balance 19th April '07 = minus £27,640
    Balance 1st November '09 = mortgage paid off with £1903 left over. Title deeds are now ours.

    These guys were great. We got married last year at Loch Lomond, they travelled there with no complaints.
    They put a new spin into some of the old classic Ceilidh dances then later on we had a disco. I would highly recommend this band. No words can be strong enough to recomend them.

    ( they even played Metallica for us for our first dance ) enjoy and have a great day.

    If you have not got a photographer I can also recomend Parris Photography he is a little pricey but you will get an album like no other as some one said about ours it looks like Hello mag shoot. It is a story board of the day again well worth it. They are a husband and wife team one takes staged photos and the other takes casual shots, the album is a mixture of the 2.

    We used this guy, his name is Alan and he is absoultley brill!!
    We had a fantastic night along with all our guests, highly recommended!! :p
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  • Check out the website for Obsession -
    There are samples of them playing on the website or you can ask for a CD.

    They are very professional and play a good range of music - ceilidh, pop, oldies stuff, swing. You can discuss your requirements with them and they will adapt as required.

    Hope you find something you like - one word of advice, don't leave it too late for booking - May isn't that far away!!!

  • Thanks for all the recommendations! much appreciated! i need to get a move on - May is getting nearer and nearer....eek!
    Are we still waiting to sing as hummingbirds?
  • I'd choose me at

    There's no better DJ.

  • Definitely a good idea to have a mixture, was at a wedding last week and the music was ceildh only, dance floor wasn't huge and for the first couple of hours was great fun, but after the buffet everyone had had enough (and to be honest I had difficulty in telling one tune from the other, and no it wasn't the drink!) and wanted a boogie or a smooch. Whoever you choose I hope you have a great day, remember to relax and enjoy it!
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