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January 2010 Grocery Challenge

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  • girlintheglassboxgirlintheglassbox Forumite
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    I'm currently living off the contents of my freezer! So haven't done any shopping yet. Hoping to keep it that way as long as possible! Snow here is unbelievable so I'm more than happy not to have to walk to Mr T's!
  • JayJay14JayJay14 Forumite
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    Have been to Aldi and Poundland this afternoon so now have spuds and veg plus some cereal and crackers.

    Will be eating out of the freezer for most of January at the very least so shouldn't need much more this week, just more fruit and perhaps some bread if ther are any decent woopsies.
  • Just had a walk to shops, no choice really we had run out of fresh stuff, milk, fruit etc...
    Was quite pleased because i stuck to my list apart from a quick nip in the charity shop :rolleyes:.
    So first spend of January was 17.26.

    That included a spend of 1.07 in the charity shop where amazingly in there sale i got ;
    A Collins junior dictionary, a copy of Roald Dahl's Georges marvelous medicine, morgan body scrub 100ml, No 7 soft and soothed toner 30ml, Boots organic body mud 50ml and Boots royal jelly body wash 100ml.
    I think Boots sale would find it hard to beat 29p each buy one get one free on toiletries!!
    Grocery challenge Jan 270.27/200:eek:

    Total debt 04/01/2011 £2671.23:eek:
  • Trying to have a NSD but ended up having to buy milk - sent OH to shop so i didnt get tempted!! :-)
    Weekly Spend Challenge: £13.83/£25
    Total Debt: was £6448 (2/8/10) now £6056 :)
  • thats mrT's just been so thats another £60 spend but thats including the 3 months supply of washing powder and a months supply of loo roll (what do they do with it???????????????) and a months supply of coffee and other bits and pieces so just have to really get fresh the rest of the month, have gone well over what i had hoped to spend by this time but had to get supplies in for Hogmanay however will keep spends to a minimum and we should hit target (~ever the optimist), NSD yesterday though so thats 2 this month
    skintbint x
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    10k in 2010/£6988.30-69.88%@29/12/10, 11k in 2011/£897 07.04.11- fell by the wayside!!!
    12k in 2012 - £204.00 @ 4/1/12

    do not confuse me with the other skintbint who joined dec2011 - i am the original bint:rotfl:
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    loulou0327 wrote: »
    That included a spend of 1.07 in the charity shop. I think Boots sale would find it hard to beat 29p each buy one get one free on toiletries!!

    Wow, that was a good sale! Which charity shop was it please? I may have to go and find one....!
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    sashanut wrote: »
    KB can I ask about the recipe for these kebabs please? I'm supposing it's using the lamb you mentioned, but perhaps you can post the recipe - no rush, when you're feeling better.

    I'll type it up here as I can't find a recipe for it online. I have amended it to state how I make it. The original recipe was by Azmina Govindji in the Feasts from the East cookbook. Here goes:

    Lamb Tikka

    8oz lean lamb, cut into smallish chunks
    2 tsp oil
    2 tsp lemon juice
    1 clove crushed garlic
    1 tsp crushed ginger
    Small tub of low fat natural yoghurt
    1 tsp curry powder
    2 tbsp rogan josh curry paste (I've upped the quantities to make it a bit richer)
    1/4 tsp salt

    Combine the ingredients for the marinade and pop the lamb chunks in. Leave for a bit (min. 1/2 hour) and then thread onto skewers. If using wooden ones, leave them in water to soak for about an hour to prevent them from burning. Do a chunk of lamb, then a bit of quartered onion or a small mushroom or bit of pepper, then coat the kebabs with the remaining marinade.

    Grill for 5 minutes each side, turning 4 times (20 mins) under a hot grill. You can cook them for slightly less time if you like it a bit rarer - we prefer a medium/well done piece of lamb. :)

    Hope that helps,

    Kitchenbunny xx

  • My January household/food budget is £325. We have a full cupboard, I'm on my annual diet so should be eating a lot less :o and hubby's just been shopping spending a total of £100 but stocked up on many household items which won't need replacing again this month. This is for 2 adults, 1 child (who eats as much as an adult) and 2 rabbits.

    :xmastree: January Budget - £325 :xmastree:

    3/1 Spent - £100
    Remaining - £225 which equals £75 per week
    2018 - The Year I Will Declutter!
  • Needed a few bits from the shop so to resist the urge of spending sent the kids with a list:o saves me buying more chocolate or sweets that I don't need.

    Total spend was £4.84 thats was for toilet rolls, potatoes,bread and sugar so not to bad much cheaper than if i'd have gone .

    Yesterday was a no spend day and all the meals for this week will be coming out the freezer need to go and get fruit,cereals and a few other bits but hopefully won't go untill wednesday.
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  • all stocked up in my "basic cooked veg" freezer drawer again :)

    (this sadly makes me smile)


    WOW I want a drawer like that....does the mushrooms defost well?
    Weight loss challenge 66lb to go /59lb's lost

    Grocery Budget January £150/£175
    Feb £150/
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