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    Hi everyone... Happy New Year...

    I had such an eventful day - which is a total comparison to my usual boring life lol... Well got sick of not seeing anything but hills and sheep for the past 2 weeks and decided to take the trek of 70+ miles to Town.

    Oh that just sounds like me - been out twice in two weeks and all we can see around here are hills and snow and a few sheep! Well done on your bargains - I think I'm going to be too late to get anything by the time I get out of here!

    mum2one - what a start to the year - well done for standing up to them. I'm normally a chicken in situations like that.
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  • Hello Peeps,

    Sorry i havent been about in the last weeks or so but its been non stop here :rolleyes: Have i missed anything? I have got my A4 binder and started on the money challenge (thanks Mum2One) as posted on first post. I have a lot of financial planning to do this year as we are hoping for 2 x 2 weeks holidays away in Spain this year :D

    I have brought a few half price gifts in the sales for Birthdays & Christmas presents for my family and friends so they have saved me some money for this year. I have found the sales a bit disappointing this year and am sure they have not been as good as previous years. I am waiting for the Boots 75% off sale to get a few more bits but have loads of points on my advantage card to pay for those so wont be using "real" money iykwim.

    I also have brought with my- £1 a day for 100 days to spend in the xmas sales fund - my 3 daughters almost all their summer wardrobe from Matalan. Brought stacks for only £53. Ideal for holidays away and it doesnt matter if it get ruined as most pieces only cost 50p - £2.
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  • Thank you for suggesting Lakeland in so many posts - I've managed to get some things to put into hampers for next year and i've also got some wreath boxes in the hope I can make them into the hampers.

    I plan to make my sister and my sister-in-law (she will be by xmas) some night-in/pamper hampers so got them both a cuddly xmas fleece. Found some mini hotwater bottles in a local shop so i'm on my way!
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    Hi everyone, can't believe how many posts have appeared since I last took a look a few days ago.

    I've done some note wrtiing about 2009 in these topics -
    Presents given for Christmas and birthdays
    What sorts of birthday cards I've sent (to avoid duplicates)
    List of personal achievements (which makes you feel good when you look back)
    Details of the Christmas dinner
    Tips for next time
    Health - doctor visits etc - just in case I need to refer in the future.

    On Saturday when my son was leaving (he lives away most of the year) I decided to give him one of my card folders (pockets for each month) and filled it with all my spare cards and wrote down everyone's addresses for each month on the pockets instead of on the address section at the back of the book. This is because he rarely sends any cards as he says he doesn't know dates etc. Hopefully he'll remember to open it when he get's back home!

    I haven't been as fortunate as most of you for buying sale cards, where I live the choice has been pitiful for quality and so I didn't get any.

    Lakeland - I've never actually bought anything, however I love looking through their large sized catalogues as the photos of cakes are fantastic! :D
  • Sorry not been about much, have spent most the morning in the park with the kids sledging which has been great fun, back now so OH can watch the football, just having 5 mins then i'm gonna get stuck in with some more reviews. All our decorations have been down for a few days as OH has been decorating the frontroom, got some lovely new curtains on friday while i was out in the sales down to £24.99 from £49.99 so really pleased with them. Will be doing the kitchen next so going to have a busy few weeks with that and deadlines to meet, fortunatley the kids are back to school on tuesday so will have a bit more quite time during the day.
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    Just a heads up for those who do not read the grabbits section but it looks like the 75% off Boots sale will start on the 13th Jan.

    If you are buying online (good luck!) remember to go thru and add everything you hope to get at 75% off into your wish list / faves so that it is ready plus if it comes back in stock ( if it is or goes out of stock between now and the sale) you can then buy it. If a sale items goes out of stock unless it was already in your faves or wishlist you wont see it back on the website for some reason. I forgot this and have missed out on a couple bits that have come back into stock.

    Online the sale went live at about 3.20 am. I stayed up and managed to get 1 order thru within 5 mins of the sale going live then tried another order which i got thru at about 6 am before the Boots website crashed for a few days!

    I never went instore but may this year if i am unsuccessful with a online order.
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  • A little off topic but I just have to share.

    I asked my daughter at lunch if she would like some elderflower juice (the one from the M&S £10.00 deal) she looked confused and asked what an elderflower was and whether it was just an old flower :rotfl::rotfl::rotfl:
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    i love elderflower!
    i make champhange from them and its delicious!!
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    Hello all :j
    You are a busy lot...........wears me out reading about you all back and forth to sales etc. Out Tesco isn't big enough to have anything worth running down there for and pavements too dodgy for little old me at the minute with the snow that seems to keep on coming:rolleyes:

    junior - good idea that for ID stuff. :T

    mum2one - good for you standing your ground.......:T...trouble is, you shouldn't have to..........things should work properly in the first place.

    Well, not done a lot today -stayed up too late last night :rolleyes:
    Did get some more cards done for MIL's card box and made a little sort of holder for stamps our of the same card I've covered the box with..............keep looking at it and wanting to keep it for myself.............:rotfl:
    I would be unstoppable if only I could get started !

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    My biggest bargains of today came from good old tesco... went in there just to get a sandwich, and ended up coming out with some rather good bargains.

    The items included
    tea cup with biscuits, tea bag, and a teabag holder you know the thing you put your used teabag into?? 93p reduced from £5

    2 x cappuccino *spelling?* cups with a small grater, stuff to make the drink, and some chocs 93p reduced from £5

    2 x jam carousel's with 3 mini pots of jam 93p reduced from £5

    2 x pestle and mortar with salt and pepper inside 93p reduced from £5

    1 x hot chocolate set with 2 quite big cups, greens and black cocoa (a small tub full) and some G&B chocs for £2.50 reduced from £10

    1 x box set with 2 x special oils...??? vinegars... i'm sure balsamic vinegar was in there, tubs of salt and pepper, little tubs of different herbs like parsley, basil etc... for the grand total of £2.25 reduced from £12

    4 x 50 pack of christmas cards for 13p, reduced from 50p

    4 x rolls of wrapping paper 2 x 6m 2 x 10m for 25p each - reduced from £1 each

    2 x packs of silver bows 24p reduced from 97p

    They sound like some fab bargains Emmy! I was hoping to have a visit to Tesco this weekend but didn't get the chance as we had someone come to view our house. It's been on the market nearly 2 years and this is the first viewer so hopefully it was worth missing my Tesco trip for.
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