SNAD buyer requesting partial refund

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Ok, a buyer has opened a SNAD dispute against me through the paypal resolution centre involving a reasonably high value item. I am happy that my listing was correct and the item was as described, but without going into detail, the buyer may have a point with one aspect of the item, and therefore there is a small chance they may win if they escalate to a claim (I don't want to go into detail in case the buyer uses this site and recognises themselves).

After a number of messages back and forth we had reached a stalemate. The buyer has now suggested a partial refund. Although I am happy the item I sold was accurately described, I can do without the hassle of having the item returned, refunding, and having to re-list, should I lose, and just want the case closed so the money will be released. I am reluctantly therefore considering agreeing (after negotiating a figure) to a partial refund.

My questions are: Can I refund out of the disputed 'held' money in my paypal account that is proceeds of the transaction(I don't have anything else in it), or will I have to fund the refund from my bank account and then get it back once the case is closed and the whole of the money from the transaction is released to me; also, if I issue a partial refund, what guarantee is there that the buyer won't escalate the claim anyway? (although presumably if this happens, then paypal will see that the buyer has accepted a partial refund and therefore implicitly accepted this as a resolution and therefore they will close the claim?)

Thanks for reading, any advice gratefully received.



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