cheap money

in N. Ireland
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anyone hear of northern bank notes for sale in derry £1000 for 800?


  • Is this tongue-in-cheek, or something that needs elaborating?

    If it's the former i would suggest that it is likely to offend and should be reconsidered. Tone is a difficult thing to convey on a forum
  • I did not post the above as a joke nor to offend anyone, I read an article in a local newspaper and wondered if anybody had heard likewise. I would not purchase the said monies even though it is still legal tender.
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    Urpy, If this was a query relating to a newspaper article, it would have been best if you'd made that clear. Due to the recent events happening in NI regarding the Northern Bank robbery, some people felt that this may have been more than tongue in cheek.

    If you are ever unsure about something, please ask before you post. We don't bite you know ;)
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