10 months 0 interest, full at 5 months


I have maxed out my credit of 5,500 5 months into the 10 months interest free period (with Sainsburys). Equivalent amount in ISAs.

Am I right to now get another card immediately and start from scratch with that, while leaving the 5,500 on the Sainsburys Credit Card and the equivalent amount in my ISAs? Then, to try to get Sainsburys to up my credit limit perhaps, although I have already asked this and they started going on about having to reduce it a little first, which kind of defeats the object!?!?

Anyone got any advice?




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    Yep, dont touch the money in your ISA.

    You could apply for a new card but, but better to do so after month 8 and then transfer from your Sainsburys card onto this new one.
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    Thanks The Boss.

    So, just sit tight on the ISA and basically don't put anymore on the card now or worry about getting a second card to run simultaneously, until month 8 and then do a free of charge balance transfer to any card I can find on the suggested MSE list?

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