help how do i get rid of mud stains



  • Rugby season is upon us again, does anyone have a good way to get mud off step-son's clothes (pref with least amount of work!)?
    I currently use Persil non-bio, but prepared to try something else if anyone knows a better idea?
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    For mud, I let it dry on them clothing and then brush off the worst of it before throwing it in the machine with bio powder for a pre wash followed by an intensive 40 or 60 degree wash.
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    Hi there :beer: We have an existing thraed on just this subject, so I'll add your question and you can browse the responses ;)

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    OK - for my sins, I wash the OH's rugby team tops! Now, Sunday just gone they had to play on the 4th pitch (it being the only one not under 6 inches of water). However, it very rarely gets used and is a long way from the other pitches and I have no idea what they have been rolling around in, but I cannot shift it!
    Normally, I split the load of 16 shirts into 2 loads and put each load on a cold rinse before washing at 40 with biological powder and that shifts it all quite happily (I shift the odd grass stain with a quick squirt of washing up liquid or rub a bar of soap on it before washing).
    When the shirts came home on Sunday they were a) wet through and b) quite literally all charcoal grey (white and oxford blue stripes usually) and still dripping with mud. It took 2 rinses and splitting the load into 3 before I could even see the stripes, let alone get them clean.
    They are now on wash 3 and I cannot get the mud stains out! They're 100% polyester and clearly I can't bleach them - Does anyone have any suggestions of what to use before I go out and buy Vanish etc? There must be a cheaper/greener/something I have in to save driving to the shops, way to do it.

    Thanks in advance
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    I found this ^, maybe they can help!

    It also depends on what sort of mud it is, when I was little my mum had an allotment. We were in Essex so the soil was very clay-ey. I'd just been sent the most lovely white cotton tie-up tshirt so I was wearing that. When we were up at the allotment, my brother and I decided to dig a big hole and make mud. Because of the clay, the mud was orange and it left orange stains on this new top. My mum tried everything to get it out but couldn't. I was devastated!
    :D**Thanks to everyone on here for hints, tips and advice!**:D
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  • bio tex is the best thing i have found. works wonders.
  • And yet all the major branded Washing Powder advertisers will have you believe their forever "new improved" whatever product will shift anything!
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    Anyone else got any suggestions?
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    Try a 60c wash with biological washing powder, Oxy from the pound shop and soda crystals - if all else fails, try the aforementioned combination of detergents on a boil wash.

    Which soap powder are you using, BTW?
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    supermezzo wrote: »
    Anyone else got any suggestions?

    There's an earlier thread with more suggestions that may help so I've added your thread to it to keep the ideas together.

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