November 2009 Grocery Challenge

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  • mrsmortenharketmrsmortenharket Forumite
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    I am declaring at £327.81.

    I am well under budget!

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    I am declaring at £299.69 which is £50 over budget. However, I have a freezer full of whoopsied meat, I am meal planning as tho my life depended on it and I have learnt more about budgeting in a month than in the past [STRIKE]year[/STRIKE] [STRIKE]decade[/STRIKE] forever!

    It has made such a difference to read everyone's posts. Thank you :T
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    whoa im declaring £302.99 which is well under budget!!!
  • JevversJevvers Forumite
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    cw18 wrote: »

    Actual spend includes a total of £366.67 spent of Whoopsie items, with a shelf value of £1340.70 - meaning my £1198.25 spend has bought me goods worth £2172.66 :T

    that is fantastic!! Really brings it home to see a year's savings like that. Well done :beer:
    Mortgage 1: £243,034 0.99%, i/o, ends May 2026 MFW date 20 Aug 2020
    Mortgage 2: [STRIKE]£166,966[/STRIKE] £159,066 0.99%, repaymt, ends Oct 2033
    Total: £402,100
  • I'd like to declare £154.10 out of £250 for November. It looks good but, to be fair, it was my first GC and I had no idea what we spent on food :eek: As a result I'm going to set December at £250 please. As Christmas is really only over 2 weeks maximum, that gives us a whopping extra £100 for Christmas. I'm hoping we can do it for far less! :beer:
  • rosiebenrosieben Forumite
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    Well, I'm ashamed to say .....
    Botany wrote: »
    .... As a 'punishment' ...

    ok, girls and boys, let there be no more being 'ashamed', no more 'punishment' - instead of concentrating on what you didn't achieve, how about remembering what you DID achieve: you've come on this challenge to get your spends under control and stuck with it throughout the month, and I bet you've spent much less than before the challenge ;)

    let's cut ourselves some slack people :j

    ps - apologies to anyone who really has to stick to a budget as thats all they have, that's a totally different situation and I don't mean to belittle your problems or your efforts
    ... don't throw the string away. You always need string! :D

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    Final total for November's shopping was £196.94, the budget was £300! I am trying for £200 this month, it should be interesting with Christmas coming
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  • Need to start keepin all receipts! reckon between £95-100 for Nov so on target. Plus have abt 10 dinners in freezer. Will try proper record next month.
  • Keiss_21Keiss_21 Forumite
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    Oops, forgot to actually declare my final spend for is soooo over my original limit! :eek::eek: £573.51 in the end!!! :eek::eek::eek:

    I have trawled through all my spends...I had only one online delivery rather than two, so all the popping out to "get a few things" fairly added up!!

    So this month I am going to have two deliveries (first on the 1st already - a mega one !!), with the second around the 21st, and limit my "topping up" - at least that is the plan!

    Admittedly we do have a stuffed full freezer and cupboards (sorted at last!) off to finalize all the month's menu plans...I can't do much batch cooking/baking yet as there is no room in the freezer to store it!!

    MInd you I am making bread today (most will never make it to the freezer!)...and the Xmas cakes too...which don't need freezing. I used to make my cakes in October, but now I don't add any sugar (DS2 is diabetic), I found two years ago that they don't keep so long, mould everywhere!! The problem was I had made six, most for Xmas presents...what a waste of money...and effort!!

    Now I make them the first week in December and feed them with plenty of booze...usually just right by the 25th! So the fruit has been soaking in tea and booze
    overnight (no brandy, but plenty of rum and HM damson gin!:D) and will get them into the oven once the bread is out.

    Off over to the December thread to catch up there...have to work out the Tesco shop total as there were so many substitutions that had to go back :mad::mad:...then I had to go out to Mr T and get the things I actually had ordered...thankfully managed to get it all!

    I do seem a bit cross in this post...I'm not really, just frustrated...oh well, today is another day...and I have baking and knitting to do...I will have something to show for my day at least!

    Now to limit the damage for December!

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  • milliejomilliejo Forumite
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    I am declaring at £277 against a budget of £280 for November.

    Will aim for £280 again for December
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